TES Filefront Announces The Elder Scrolls IV: Filefront Mod of Year Contest!

By Cometgames13 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[b]The Elder Scrolls IV: Filefront Presents The First Annual The Elder Scrolls IV: Filefront Mod of the Year Contest![/b] Fire Legion and I have been working on this contest for a little while now, and believe that it is ready to launch. Banner Featuring Art by Arcano200 from his PoTD:[i] Ambush[/i] There are 7 different Categories and 8 Prize Categories. Major Categories: Huge Mod, House Mod, Race Mod, Weapon Mod and Quest Mod. Other Categories: Music Mod, Most Humorous Mod, and Judge's Favorite. The Judges are Fire Legion and myself, I hope you enjoy this contest, and remember try to put effort into your submissions, you just might win! Also if you don't win there's always next year. Every Modder may enter! For More Information on the contest and how to enter go to the [URL=http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/info/modofyear]Information Page[/URL] -Cometgames13 TES IV: Filefront Mod of the Year Contest Coordinator

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