Whats with all the new ads?

14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Whats with all these new ads about enlarging a mans ????? I mean they must pay the administrator quite a lot. But to me they are just annoying and there are young people that visit this site, they should probably only put them on the ?????.filefront pages that were designed for and R18 games eg.GTA or something like that, that way no one is seeing what they shouldn't be or clicking what they shouldn't be lol. Let me know what you think because I have been seeing them everywhere. Oh and I'm sorry I was gone for a while... if any one even cares it was because I have been working on many Mods and I am going to post them soon and also because my sister has just gotten married = ) So I hope you didn't miss me to much lol.

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