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Cheat Mods Tempo's Oblivion Cheat mod

Yay for Oblivion mods. We all like that. So, here comes one of those cheatmods (among many), that gives you alot of highleveled, powerful...


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Cheat Mods Tempo's Oblivion Cheat Mod

This mod is simply a cheat mod for those of you who want to be the uber-1337 character in Oblivion without working your way up the ladder. I...


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Cheat Mods Tempo's Stealth Equipment

This mod adds a robe, a hood, and some boots that'll pretty much enable you to sneak anywhere. This is a powerful cheatmod, so I advise tha...


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Cheat Mods Tempo's Jewelery

Once again, another cheat mod from TeMpO. It adds an amulet and two rings, which will pretty much uber-fy your character. This will obviousl...


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Cheat Mods Thar's Treasure Chest

about: My second mod for you people, this one was alot difficult for me because im just a beginner, though i understand it now. This is a t...


Cheat Mods Hatred of Ancestors- Weapon

This mod adds an uber glass weapon for your use at Dark Fissure. The enchantment on this sword (Paralyze for 2 secs) has over 200 uses. Due...


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Cheat Mods Tempo's Skills and Encumberance

This mod allows you to train up to 100 for each skill rather than 5 for each level, and inturn allows for an increase in encumberance.


Cheat Mods Hunter Sight Enchantments

This mod adds three items- A robe, hood, and a ring, which add the Hunter's Sight Enchantment, a minor spell you get as a vampire. Good for...


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Cheat Mods Immortal Horses

The changes will be made automatically when you load up. Any non-armoured horse owned by the player will be marked "Essential", making it...


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Cheat Mods Better Bow

All this mod does is change the Iron bow into a weapon of mass destruction thats worth about 1000 gold.


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Cheat Mods All Sigil Stones

This cheat-mod lets you have all the sigil stones at ones, you find them in a chest outside the exit you leave the prison in the begining o...


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Cheat Mods Capacity To Carry More

NecroViolator has created a mod to give you the capacity to carry more among other things.


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Cheat Mods Enchantment Reduction

The mod should now work with every weapon and staff in the game, correctly reducing the cost to use their enchantments to zero. This wil...


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Cheat Mods Aoleleb's GM Items

Recently, a GM from the world-reknowned World of Warcraft visited the world of Tamirel using his super-godly powers. Sadly, it was discovere...


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Cheat Mods Casual Oblivion

1)Levelled Rewards All unique levelled items given as a quest reward will now be given at the maximum level. 2)More Durable Weapons and...


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Cheat Mods Deadlier Sneaking

Increased normal sneaking movement from 60% normal to 80% normal. Increased maximum sneaking distance to equal max arrow distance. It should...


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Cheat Mods Enchanting and Spellmaking Unlocker

The mod allows all spell effects in spell making and enchanting.


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Cheat Mods Everburn Torches

A simple mod that changes the value of torches so that they will never burnout. Now Torches have a larger light radius aswell.


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Cheat Mods Extreme Marksman

Adds a chest outside of the Gray Mare in Chorrol, filled with respawning arrows, custom-made for special effects and fun, and a custom-desig...


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Cheat Mods Languorwine

This mod was made because the first time the author saw this blade, he thought it was an instant kill because of the way Francioua or whatev...


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Cheat Mods Cure Vampirism

The contents of which carry a potion that can cure you of the most vile infliction you can indur in the game: Vampirism. Can you find the ke...


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Cheat Mods Lighter Arrows

Getting tired of using up most of my inventory space on arrows? This makes all the arrows 10 times lighter. The weight will show up as 0 ing...


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Cheat Mods Magicka Regen Mod

There are seven versions of this mod (be sure to load ONLY ONE when playing!): x1.2: Increases Magicka regeneration x1.2 x1.4:...


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Cheat Mods Ring of Feather 1000

This mod adds a Ring of Feather with 1000 points of Feather to a chest in the center of the Market District in Imperial City. You will have...


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