The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Huge Mods

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Epic Dark Brotherhood Lordrea 25KB 10,831
The Complete Ranger nazkira 1.5MB 3,971
Project Caldera MarineOKeefe 11.85MB 3,011
The Town of Bartholm J.Sera. 7.98MB 774
Dremoraville Polycrates 8.06MB 469
Topal Island DarkSyne 2.05MB 3,576
Delfini [Myth|cz] 271KB 915
The Town of Bartholm J.Sera. 18.83MB 1,412
Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul Oscuro 413.56MB 337,361
Damarask Polycrates 10.33MB 838
Goblinwatch Keep Guiles 478KB 3,481
Francescos Leveled Creatures-Items Mod Francesco 10.62MB 16,460
Francescos Optional New Armours and Weapons Francesco 133.49MB 20,788
The Town of Bartholm J.Sera. 46.32MB 5,358
Kvatch Aftermath Giskard 9.86MB 3,064
Kvatch Aftermath Giskard 9.47MB 2,786
Damarask Polycrates 17.32MB 2,086
Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul Oscuro 20.25MB 53,097
VILLAGES 1.1 cd470 and martinb 3.31MB 2,805
Lore Creature Expansion LCE Team (see readme) 32.65MB 1,390
Jedi Temple Kirillkor 15KB 6,555
MMM 1.7 patch for 1.61 Martigen 3.91MB 474
MMM 1.7 FULL Martigen 87.69MB 9,261
Martigen's Monster Mod Martigen 87.9MB 7,070
Martigen's Monster Mod Martigen 4.18MB 1,592
Kvatch Aftermath- FINAL Giskard 13.1MB 27,412
Silgrad Tower Part 1 (Plugin Files) Silgrad Tower Team 30.19MB 4,274
Alagaesia Kirillkor 4.32MB 2,498
Pirate Isles Dark_ Soul. 2.4MB 6,443
Garden Mod Kevin and Sam 3.96MB 1,066
Damarask Polycrates 18.36MB 4,869
Atmospheric Weather System HTF 7.62MB 7,921
Atmospheric Weather System HTF 14.96MB 968
NPC with Jobs sarkandar 24.61MB 2,052
Atmospheric Weather System HTF 26.53MB 8,918
Martigen's Monster Mod Martigen 295.56MB 20,701
City of Sunev Blizzarddream 1.53MB 1,201
Undernethe Prequel Undernethe Team 24.93MB 1,347
City of Sunev Blizzarddream 1.66MB 3,426
Undernethe Prequel Undernethe Team 25.73MB 1,278
Siege Of Anvil siegeghost99 885B 312
Cyrodiil Libraries (Part One) Cometgames13 48KB 202
Moving Paintings Kevin P. Cook 4.99MB 672
Raiders Of Cyrodill bloodhonor 1.22MB 1,253
Raiders Of Cyrodil 1.3 bloodhonor 330KB 2,663
Paradise Island Tiny Tim 287KB 933
The Town of Bartholm J.Sera. 86.34MB 525