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Miscellaneous Player Fishing

This mod will give the player the possibility to fish the waters of Tamriel, something that is strangly enough not possible in the original...


Miscellaneous Fort Charrish

The new dungeon location is located in the marshlands NorthEast of Leyawiin, just look for the map marker. Although no Imperials remain ther...


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Miscellaneous The Beast Part 1

Part 1 of a series of mods. Across Tamriel, ten Minotaurs, named ‘The Minotaur Kings’ guard a deadly weapon and a sacred book. Sometimes the...


Miscellaneous Improved UI

This small mod changes the UI of the game around a bit, making more items fit into your inventory, loot, and magic menus. The map has also b...


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Miscellaneous Oblivion Timemod

This mod tweaks the time in Oblivion around a bit. It comes in three plugins- 1 makes it truely real time, another makes 1 real minute equal...


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Miscellaneous Guild Storage

When I first joined the Fighter's Guild, I had no house. So naturally, I decided to store one of my weapons in the chests there. This was b...


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Miscellaneous Slow Level Up

Felt like you leveled up a bit too quickly in the game? Feel that the leveled creature list changed on you too quick? This mod adresses that...


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Miscellaneous ANB Regen

This mod allows for your health to regenerate over time like your Magika and Fatigue in game. It's slow if you have low health, but speeds...


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Miscellaneous Beasts of Burden: Death Inc.

what this does: This mod gives you a chance to be visited by death when you die. If he comes for you, he will resurrect you and teleport yo...


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Miscellaneous Arena Loot

== Description: "Arena Loot" enables you to loot all the gear off fallen enemies in the arena. Both corpse-loot and separate weapon/arm...


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Miscellaneous No Fast Travel

This is a small mod that disables fast travel and prevents its use through the console. This is for those of you who disapprove of fast trav...


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Miscellaneous No more annoying messages

This small mod removes messages that appear on your screen, such as "Your Horse has been stabled outside the city gate" and "Loading Area...


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Miscellaneous XTS - Merchant Mod V1

Yes the XTS Merchant Mod has come to Oblivion, Xtreme the Merchant has managed to get off Morrowind Island and moved to the Impireal City. H...


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Miscellaneous Arena-Loot

This mod allows you to take the belongings off the defeated combatants in the arena you fight.


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Miscellaneous TeMpO Version 2.1

This mod provides a chest full of very powerfull custom made items, located inside the prison cell where the game begins. There's also a ne...


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Miscellaneous Brother's Help

So, You've decided to join "The Family" of the Dark Brotherhood. This mod adds a special gift from Vicente before the "Accidents Happen\...


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Miscellaneous Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul

I decided to make this mod after realizing that Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion suffered from significant gameplay and "realism" problems that,...


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Miscellaneous Unlocker

This mod adds a variety of things: -Allows you to fast travel from indoors -Unlocks some hair styles and eyes for the races -Unlocks th...


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Miscellaneous Thar's Drink Water

About: This is a very small WORKING mod, actually my very FIRST mod!This mod is very simple, all it does is changing MEAD (The wine/beer mea...


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Miscellaneous Fletching Mod

Alright, this version includes the following: Arrow Mold: makes all the standard arrows(minus Silver) from armor. Arrow Rifiner: makes...


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Miscellaneous Combat Mod

This mod changes the gameplay of melee combat, allowing you select a target and center your movement around it (like in most 3d combat games...


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Miscellaneous Necro Spells

This mod adds spells with the reanimation effect available as a spell in the Pyropraxtional Center of the arcane university by Borissian....


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Miscellaneous Tribal Tattoos

Here's a nice mod that adds some tattoos on your FEMALE body, be sure to check this out! Read the Readme for a full explination.


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Miscellaneous Thar's Gold Edition: Exterminating The Last Daedra

I called it Gold Edition because it's different then the original...will be here soon aswell. Anyway go check this out :p!