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Modders Resources MOBS v1.0

MOBS, aka the "Medieval Oblivion (Equipment) Balance System", is a new weapon (and eventually armor) balance system for use with TES4:Obli...


Modders Resources VA Elvish Shield

A sample/resource Elvish Shield based on the High Elven shield featured in a certain fantasy film we all know and love. No esp, no frills, j...


Modders Resources Weapons Display Resource

This is a great modders resource that contains several wall and table mounted weapon racks/displays.


Modders Resources Random Land Generator

I've been working with the author of an application called GeoControl to make generating new landmasses (heightmaps) for Oblivion easier....


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Modders Resources Texian's Static Water Meshes

This is something that I have been asking for for a long while. Static water meshes. No longer are we limited to single water levels in a ce...


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Modders Resources Texian's Animated Water Meshes - Shorline

This is a modders resource that includes 4 animated water meshes- 2 wave meshes and 2 ripple meshes.


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Modders Resources Land Texturepack

Landscape Texture Pack by Aberneth/ Silver Rose Studios Des...


Modders Resources Pillow Mesh Set

This amazing Modder's Resource contains several pillow meshes that look very good as accents in any home. Another excellent resource by Xiam...


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Modders Resources Elder Scrolls Book Club - Oblivion

Adds a load of user-written books for Oblivion. A wonderful idea I think, and a great addition to the game. The books are hidden in areas wh...


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Modders Resources Teddy Bear Modder's Resource

The latest installment of modders' resources by Xiamara and Dhkoster really tips the scales. These teddy bears look great, and would look g...


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Modders Resources Anvil of Repair

This modders' resource adds an anvil in a non-game esp that contains an anvil and script to repair anything.


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