The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
New races + Gold chests Franke_Rosenau 3KB 768
Bandit Bonkers det9494 1.72MB 398
Unofficial Oblivion Patch Ultimus 45.17MB 1258
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch Ultimus 18.88MB 1116
Unofficial Oblivion Patch Hotfix Ultimus 2.87MB 521
Unofficial Oblivion Mods Patch Ultimus 2.66MB 905
Unofficial Oblivion Patch Ultimus 110.87MB 3867
Spectre Ring Fix Lovykar 1KB 822
Collectible T-Shirts Jannix Quinn 2.84MB 1917
KF Chapel Shop Floydian1 96.68MB 568
Wizard Hats & Eyeglasses Jannix Quinn 13.73MB 4097
Capes and Cloaks Someone1074 17.58MB 43189
Dwemer Spectacles KafeiDotour 8.98MB 2831
Volars' Base Khay Prower 2KB 467
Puppy Robe and Minotaur Clothes Emuuu2 5.35MB 969
SME Disguise Smedricksman24 4KB 1949
Slof's Oblivion Goth Shop AlienSlof 4.45MB 5966
Black Robe of Invisibility and Hood of All Seeing Moonracer1313 2KB 4669
Soft Female Underwear RaZoR.. 889KB 6726
Emperor's Chest PC_Master 1KB 1689
Black Velvet Outfits Goth 2.3MB 3006
Councillor's Hood Fix Lovykar 1KB 656
Grim's Necromancer Robe Replacement GrimDeath 1.65MB 883
Battle Tattoos Kevin P. Cook 6.07MB 4311
Better Ring of the Grey Darth_lemming 107KB 890
Wearable Amulet of Kings Oblivion Fan 1KB 906
Divine Elegance Showroom QQuix 91KB 661
Improved Robes v0.5 SoM3 7.97MB 1177
UFF Slof's Giger Armor Floydian1 7.65MB 460
UFF Spirit Bast White Floydian1 7.77MB 135
Kalia & Floydian1's BAB Clothing Floydian1 78.54MB 411
Crowl of Gray Fox Without bounty's Fireshooter 2KB 57
UFF Twilight Assassin Floydian1 10.96MB 362
BAB KF Shortdresses Floydian1 14MB 274
Martigen's Monster Mod Martigen 41.98MB 483
NPC with jobs sarkandar 16.02MB 1601
Feletheus Aspar- Merchant MackeMan 3KB 3780
Martin's Back MasterOfOblivion 646KB 418
Fauna of Tamriel Agar 61KB 3947
XTS Thief Mage the Xtreme 1.5MB 1285
Martin is back MasterOfOblivion 4KB 248
Livid- New NPC MasterOfOblivion 1.17MB 965
Goblin Wars DrGamut 9KB 1697
Thar's Dark Unicorns Tharulerme 1.42MB 1443
Thar's NPC Tharulerme 90KB 434
XTS Merchant- Bruma the Xtreme 319KB 1701
Lok Klar Klor Kral 15KB 383
Pets of Chorrol Daroo 12KB 3292
Martin is back MasterOfOblivion 1.88MB 434
Rendric NPC Any PRKL 3KB 304