The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Quest Mods

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Ahdarji Heirloom Fix Unreal88 1KB 696
Don't Close MY Gates Mod fencing_elf 453KB 1,449
Don't Close my Gates fencing_elf 453KB 2,113
Ancient Goblin City vibliribland 188KB 3,973
Tower of the Lich King vibliribland 67KB 5,897
Black Rock Mountain vibliribland 192KB 5,305
Lair of The Hydra vibliribland 73KB 6,000
Tales of Twilight: Thievery in the Imperial City JOG 14.41MB 3,879
Beast of Burden: Death Inc. WetWarev7 6KB 560
Hell on Earth, Cave of the Lost Souls Dragonkin 745KB 3,186
Castle of night sugawara 37.99MB 7,259
Super Start Mod druidchamp09 4KB 2,700
Main Quest Refusal Mod wsrowland 15KB 497
Temple of the Full/ New Moon Ilseroth 32.46MB 4,288
Servant of the Dawn Endrek 23.52MB 5,138
Quest for the Elements Povuholo 4.05MB 3,336
The Naked Nord Hrreg 157KB 2,272
FabsterLinkLandscapes - ClawRock Volcano fabsterlink 407KB 334
FabsterLinkLandscapes - ClawRock Volcano fabsterlink 778KB 882
Angelic Alliance Sword Ztraider 607KB 1,625
Treasure Maps: Captus Demus Kevin P. Cook 2.14MB 1,437
Book Quest Crappynight 6.63MB 408
Sheogorath's Altadoon Puzzle Sheogorath 17.82MB 736
The Game lordnincompoop 4KB 722
Treasure Maps: Boethia's Burden Kevin Cook 7.73MB 584
Mardo-Mana Ice Eyes 21.41MB 373
The Ayleid Steps Ervvin 2.44MB 163
zom813 - No Quest Items zom813 39KB 218
Oblivion Doom Skulls slip69kid 17.91MB 435
zom813 - No Quest Characters zom813 331KB 92
The Ayleid Steps Ervvin 4.58MB 316
Necromancy Ice Eyes 516KB 697
The Ayleid Steps Ervvin 4.93MB 189
The Ayleid Steps Ervvin 19.15MB 282
Rammen - A Quest Mod Eibbor 6.74MB 111
Origin of the Mages Guild - (cleaned) ZeroKool 26.49MB 524
Kvatch Aftermath Giskard 35.54MB 496
Kvatch Aftermath giskarduk44 36.85MB 327
The Necromancer giskarduk44 39MB 138
The Elder Council: Temple of the One giskarduk44 1.51MB 184
Origin of the Mages Guild giskarduk44 26.32MB 158