The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
HoE Soundtrack ExhausteD 95.32MB 264
Persistant Enchantment Glow Remover Kweeky 4KB 2214
Tharulerme's Oblivion Famous Sounds Tharulerme 39.08MB 1201
Conan the Barbarian Sounds dbprunier 3.11MB 1549
More Gory Blood dDefinder 416KB 2362
More Gory Blood dDefinder 879KB 4100
Vampire Eye Krimsyn retexture Krimsyn Kane 49KB 1541
Better Potion Bottles Ceano 800KB 5070
VA's Better Gold Vagabond Angel 416KB 6715
Dark Brotherhood Crimson Retexture Krimsyn Kane 1.97MB 577
Qarl's Texture Pack 2 Qarl 307.79MB 42428
Spell Breaker Krimsyn retexture Krimsyn Kane 204KB 375
Plain Surcoats XIFR 7.92MB 362
Improved Facial Textures Redefined ShadyTradesman 4.92MB 4660
Gorier Blood mod dDefinder 272KB 7627
Real Lava 1.2 CptJoker 641KB 3963
Better Looking Tools v1.2 Ceano 2.17MB 3286
Azuras Star Ceano 1.57MB 895
Better Storms & Weather PsychEroc 16.44MB 3467
Gorier Blood mod dDefinder 1.21MB 9981
Dark Side of the Moon Buccurra 299KB 269
Improved Facial Textures Redefined ShadyTradesman 4.54MB 8521
Improved doors and flora mikal33 16.64MB 6238
Silgrad LOD resources Silgrad Tower Team 59.05MB 1593
Silgrad LOD resources update Silgrad Tower Team 322KB 1324
Natural Environments v2.1.2 - Crow Sound Replacement Sjors Boomschors 97KB 1784
Blackberry Replacer Aberneth 19KB 428
RPG-Blackdragon's ATI3.0 Shader RPG-Blackdragon 97KB 769
New TES4 Title Theme r0xXx0r 2.9MB 870
Alternate Ridable Dreugh Texture Super Llama 2.3MB 221
Qarl's Texture Pack 3 Qarl 1.68GB 38006
Realistic Lava CptJoker 6.76MB 2202
TES4 Epic Theme Laidt0rest 1.78MB 718
Improved Trees and Flora 2 mikal33 19.9MB 4681
Better Staffs Texture tidus457 10.58MB 595
Improved Fruits, Vegetables and Meat mikal33 21.18MB 2622
Improved Signs mikal33 46.06MB 2599
Qarl's Texture Pack 3 Patch1 Qarl 10.37MB 9175
SneakyTomato's Icon Package SneakyTomato 965KB 312
Cosmic Night Sky samroski 14.06MB 343
Wallpaper Package by SneakyTomato SneakyTomato 3.09MB 123
Cosmic Night Sky samroski 29.24MB 1350
Raiders of Cyrodill Required 1.3 meshes and textures bloodhonor 6.21MB 1111
ConanQuips_V2 dbprunier 28.27MB 162
TES4Dramatictheme Laidt0rest 4.08MB 174
Monty Python Holy Grail Quips dbprunier 23.19MB 267
John Adams Theme for TES4 Ultimus 1.65MB 284
Retextured Shivering Isles Map Ice Eyes 583KB 185
Kage's EPIC Oblivion OST Overhaul Kage_ 107.4MB 952
Cosmic Night Sky samroski 40.8MB 603
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