The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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All Files In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Utilities
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Utilities Save Game Manager

This utility is useful for those of you playing multiple characters or have a fellow friend or sibling playing with you. This utility enable...


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Utilities TES Save Manager

An update to the previous version of the TES Save manager. Refer to the readme for a more indepth look into what has been changed.


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Utilities Oblivion Hotkey Fix

Assign item/weapon/spell hotkeys to your numpad, a handy feature for fellow arrow-key gamers Welcome to CryoEnix's oblivion hotke...


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Utilities TES IV INI

This is a Utility that quickly modifies Oblivion's .ini or the .cfg file. Example: you need to modify the .ini file to enable screenshots. I...


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Utilities Oblivion Performance Tool

This utility improves Oblivion performance (it runs faster).


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Utilities Oblivion-Morrowind Music Switcher

Ever wanted to copy the feel of Morrowind into Oblivion? Well, most of that feel is contained in the Music. With this simple program, get th...


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Utilities CS OBSE Script Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++ 5.0.3

This is a User-Defined definition package which provides CS and OBSE Script syntax highlighting of block types, comments, functions categori...


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Utilities Oblivion Itemizer

Oblivion Itemizer contains several databases all together containing over 4500 Oblivion items for the user to choose from and add to a list....