The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Weapon and Armor

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Kagrenac's Tools Ceano 6.79MB 3492
Arrow Velocity Tandem 6KB 10188
Stealth Chest MasterOfOblivion 938B 1668
Mythic Dawn Wearable Armor epitage 145KB 4868
Imperial Palace Watch Armour MajorSlacker 845KB 4200
TeMpO`s Bow of Infinity TempoJMFS 1KB 468
Alexscorpion's Deadly Shadows AlexScorpion 9.79MB 277
Bloodeus' Unique Armors Bloodeus 10.48MB 7482
Tempo's Bow of Infinity TempoJMFS 2KB 3005
Retextured Glass Weapons Lemunde 14.11MB 1940
The Sentient Weapon NarkyBark 78.54MB 1578
Noble Plate Armour Ulath 20.36MB 7307
Light Daedric Armour Tooks 5.06MB 1739
Mjollnir Hammer of Thor Jannix Quinn 201KB 1009
Sentient Weapon NarkyBark 119.77MB 3048
Thar's Imperial Palace Unit Armor Tharulerme 300KB 2141
Thars All And New Emperor Armor Tharulerme 1.65MB 2403
Akaviri Imports Severian1981 13.93MB 13787
Plate Armor Ramparter 6.58MB 2026
Fierce Deity Link Sword 1nKoGn17o 3.32MB 783
Phoenix Equipment Kekkonen 10.52MB 16266
Armory & Weaponry PLUS GlassBoy 85KB 3214
Scimitars in Tamriel Winter 2.59MB 3178
Eventals Dual Wielding Evantal 2.49MB 6805
Deadly Clutter BoZo_ 259KB 3234
Hero of Kvatch Armour Set Jannix Quinn 5.9MB 2852
Elven Boot Improvement Winter 65KB 1467
Myths and Legends Weapons TemplarGFX and GrimDeath 6.68MB 8537
Black Legion Armour Aelius 5.34MB 3805
Pryamid head mod tda 6.61MB 3370
Arrows of the Serpent Malice_CA 995KB 2504
Imperial Legion Ethereal Armor Dagoth 4.25MB 7267
Battle Dress ChiZ 17.79MB 9281
Adonnay's Elven Sabres Adonnay 616KB 407
Adonnay's Elven Sabres Adonnay 2.41MB 609
Sentient Weapon NarkyBark 131.81MB 11276
Backstabber's Weapons Raihan Kibria 4KB 172
Adonnays Elven Sabres Adonnay 2.41MB 1342
Adonnays Hadhafang Adonnay 406KB 949
Historical Weapons Arriere2 7.81MB 1530
Witch King Helm tda 964KB 11207
Alans Mod Sword Sir Alan 2KB 1164
Scythes tda 3.08MB 11945
Slayers Sword Denethor 415KB 4682
Adonnays Hadhafang Adonnay 890KB 3846
Sephis Axe and Tribal Defender tda 2.69MB 548
Backstabber's Weapons Raihan Kibria 6KB 1252
Backstabber's Weapons Raihan Kibria 4KB 156
Witch King's Sword TemplarGFX and GrimDeath 850KB 7826
Orcish Kabuto Orcasm 2.52MB 1357