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Those familiar with other mods by this author, such as Actors in Charge and Actors in Madness shou...


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Those familiar with other mods by this author, such as Actors in Charge and Actors in Madness should have some idea of what to expect from this mod. As you might have guessed this animation mod adds yet another dimension to your roleplaying arsenal. Actors in Charge allowed you to do 'hidden' animations, Actors in Madness added some Shivering Isles animations, and finally Actors in Emotions will allow you to really show what you're feeling by allowing your character to show some facial expressions. Of course as with the other mods you will also be able to have NPC's use these facial expressions as well. Looks like we'll be getting some more good PotDs coming!

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This mod adds a misc item (Crystal of Emotions) and lesser power spell (Emotional Touch) to player's character inventory. 'Crystal of Emotions' was designed to use by PC and 'Emotional Touch' spell forces any NPC to do the same. Once activated/casted it shows the menu where you can pick one of 36 different facial expressions. Chosen expression should be performed by PC/NPC almost instantly.
In unmodded game most of these expressions are reserved for NPC only, PC can't play these at all. Now, your character can show such emotions and you can force any other NPC to play them as well. You can chose from being angry, happy, sad, surprised and many other emotional states.

Additional Info:
There are two types of facial expressions in this mod: 'static' and 'looping'. All animations but blinks, squints and movable brows are static.

Static expressions last until overwritten by other similar expression, reset function or game's restart. These can be mixed with each other (to create even more emotions) and with many other animations/poses from various animation mods. Remember to pick emotions from this mod first then chose any other animation from different mod next to prevent that other animation to be overwritten by idle animation.

Looping expressions are similar to many other animations/poses known from various animation mods. These can be used only in certain states like sitting, sneaking, standing, etc. Any other idle animation from animation/pose mod will overwrite any looping expression - these can't be mixed together. Though looping expressions can be blended quite well with static expressions (blinking for example).


    * Copy 'ActorsInEmotions.esp' and 'ActorsInEmotions.bsa' files to 'Oblivion\Data' folder.
    * In Oblivion Launcher choose 'Data Files' from menu and mark the checkbox close to 'ActorsInEmotions.esp'.
    * Run the game and load your any save. 'Crystal of Emotions' misc item and 'Emotional Touch' lesser power spell should be added to your character's inventory after a while.


    * Just delete these two files:

Known Issues:
There shouldn't be any. Though animations in Oblivion are sometimes a bit tricky to control. If you can't reset some expression to default just try to restart the game. And make a new save for this mod - just in case.
This mod should be compatible with any other animation mod up to date.

Credits given to:

    * Bethesda for such fine and moddable game.
    * Sarkandar for animation tutorials and various hints and Scanti for Face Morphs list.
    * Community from official The Elder Scrolls Forums who want to have their fangs visible :]

If you have any questions, comments, etc. related to this mod just mail me or drop me some personal message (nickname Trollf) on official TESForums.
Last Words:
This mod is being provided as freeware. Please feel free to change its content to suit your personal desires. All I ask is that you don't claim/release/upload it as your own and if you want to use part of it just give some credits to all people listed above :]

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