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This mod, much like it's counter part, adds the ability for the players to do animations that are normally reserved for NPCs, with the diff...


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This mod, much like it's counter part, adds the ability for the players to do animations that are normally reserved for NPCs, with the difference this time, being that it allows you to do Shivering Isles animations, that also means that you need Shivering Isles.

You still need the original mod, Actors in Charge to use default Oblivion animations, but it isn't required for the operation of this mod.

When you first enable this mod, you get two things, an object, which when you 'equip' it, a menu opens for you to select what animation you want to play; and a spell which does opens the same menu, that you cast on NPCs.

This mod is essential if you want to make unique screenshots!


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ACTORS IN MADNESS v0.8 (3rd of April, 2007)
by Trollf

A little modification for
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game.

1. Description
2. Installation, Upgrade & Removal instructions
3. Usage
5. Known Bugs/Issues/Compatibility
6. Credits & Contact




This mod adds a misc item (Crystal of Madness) to PC inventory
and lesser power spell (Touch of Madness) to PC spells repository.
Once activated/casted it shows the menu where you can pick
one of 66 idle animations from the 'Shivering Isles' expansion.
Chosen animation should be performed by PC/NPC instantly.
In vanilla game most of these animations were reserved for
NPCs only and not for PC. And some of these were not possible
to perform when flying camera mode was enabled.
Your character can use such skills from now on
and NPCs can play them at your will as well ;-]

All animations work in 3rd person mode only!
Don't try to use them in 1st person mode!
All these animations have not any conditions set
that could prevent them from playing in certain situations.
You must experiment yourself to discover what's possible
and what's not. Well, make a new save, just in case ;-]



- Copy 'ActorsInMadness.esp' and 'ActorsInMadness.bsa'
files into 'Oblivion\Data' directory,
- In oblivion launcher choose 'Data Files' from the menu,
and mark the checkbox close to file name you copied previously,
- Run the game, load your any save, item and spell
should be added automatically after a while.

- Just delete 'ActorsInMadness.esp' and 'ActorsInMadness.bsa'
files from 'Oblivion\Data' directory.



When you load a game with this mod enabled, after a while,
a misc item (Actor's Ball) and lesser power spell (Director's Touch)
should be added to your PC inventory and repository of spells.
You can activate the ball from the inventory
or you can bind it to any hotkey and initiate it in this way.
As well, you can cast a spell on any NPC and companion.
From the menu that will appear you can select animation to play.

Many of these animations will play instantly but
some of them  will play only once and sometimes
you must wait patiently for a while until they will end.



These animations work in 3rd person mode only.
Don't use them in 1st person mode or you'll get stuck.
If some bad things will happen, try to speak with any NPC
or reset the animations from the ActorsInMadness menu.
If these won't help, just save your game, exit to windows,
and reload it again (quicksave/quickload not always works).



Credits given to:
- Bethesda for the game.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. related to this 'Actors in Madness' mod,
mail me: or drop me some PM (nick Trollf)
on official TESForums (

Last words:
This mod is being provided as freeware. Please feel free to copy and distribute it
or change its content to suit your personal desires.
All I ask is that you don't claim/release it as your own and if you want
to use part of it give me some credit for what I have done.

Thanks & Enjoy!
Keep smile and such... ;]


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