Adonnays Elven Sabres

*** It is strongly recommended to DISABLE and/or delete any versions of 'Adonnays Elven Sabres' older than v2.5 to avoid confusion with the...


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*** It is strongly recommended to DISABLE and/or delete any versions of 'Adonnays Elven Sabres' older than v2.5 to avoid confusion with the items in this new one. ***

And the fixing goes on. This time no less than three issues made it into the last release. Sorry to all the people who get annoyed by all the new updates. Anyway... many thanks to the people showing some patience and sending me the bug reports! This time Thaur gets the first price for his quick and thorough reports ;)

New in this version: v2.64: - Fixed the texture for the female version of the ranger armor - Fixed the Royal bow (used the wrong .nif) - Fixed the Ayleid Sabre texture (used the one of the Ayleid White Sabre)

v2.63: - Hopefully fixed the problem where players could not pick up the test bow. The free bow now lies on the table and the vendor has two more for sale at any level right now, consider it beta - it's late here - Added an inventory icon for the ranger armor - Added one of my experimental longblades with an enchantment that does extra damage (proc) and a chance to silence the target (still in development, doesn't seem to work as intended)

2.62: - Added the Ranger armor due to numerous requests. It is very simplistic and was never meant for release... so don't come complaining - Increased the damage values for all arrows - Tweaked the NPC sell list (only effects arrows)

v2.61: - I missed to put the new inventory icons into v2.6, so here they are included

v2.6: - Added six different quivers/arrows to the vendor for sale - Screenshots see 'New Project' further down this post - Added the first attempt of a bow retexture to the cottage as well

v2.51: - Fixed a few minor issues - Gave the vendor his own chest (Cloud Ruler Temple West wing anyone?) - Removed most of the knives from the vendors table. Set the ownership of the rest to the vendor (so you shady type of characters have something to steal) - Further improved the scripted enchantments of the unique sabres

2.5: - a NPC selling the weapons. You can find him west of Cheydinhal, north of the barren cave - two unique sabres hidden in two ruins (just follow Umbacanos Quest for the Ayleid Crowns) - Knives! - Offhand weapons (Knives and Shortsabres) - Auto-Swap Script to swap between main and offhand weapon - Auto-Unequip Script for Offhand sabres and knives - One new color scheme (blue-silver named 'Cloud') - Scripted effects instead of common enchantment on the two unique sabres (proc's extra damage. Chance to proc is dependend on the Agility of the player. Critical hits do twice the extra damage)

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