About: This is part of my project to create companions distinct attributes and character design. The player can choose companions based on...


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About: This is part of my project to create companions distinct attributes and character design. The player can choose companions based on their attributes and strengths for certain situations. Kind of a 'party' concept seen in other games. These companions are not universal companions that are highly customizable; there is no 'romance' dialogue, no warping, or level up scripts. They use oblivion's level up system and if they get stuck a cell transition or two fixes that. All of them come with quests to either unlock their full dialogue options or earn their loyalty. The exceptions can be (in some releases) if you are a high ranking member in the same guild. I recognize issues with companions catching afflictions so I will release a healer (for the entire party) once I finish him. All companions become part of the player's faction so they have high tolerance of each other.

Quest indicators keeps track of them and any owned horses. There have been strange occurences where a character may grab their horse to catch up to the player, in that case you'll have to chose follow and allow them to dismount. If you want the horse to return to it's stable just switch to "don't use horse".

Alandria is a Mage guild conjurer who is a gifted student of Arcane University. She is not very skilled with blades or blunt, but she specializes in destruction, conjuration, and alteration. She also has the special ability of spell absorption, so she is very effective against wizards and other conjurers. She cannot withstand substantial physical attacks. She can heal herself so no need to give her restore potions. She also has the tendancy to not be as aggressive so sometimes she will not attack unless provoked.

She has a horse "Lilith" outside of Imperial City. You can find her inside Arcane University so have to have access to the area.

I have managed to implement a form of 'companion share' thanks to techniques used in Toaster's Comapnion Share. The incumberance values are not accurate so if the character stops moving then they have too much weight.

The dialouge features are(an * indicates features that may not be present) Follow - they follow you at default distance

Follow/closer/far/etc - they follow at a predetermined distance(Follow resets back to default distance)

Aggressiveness - use this to prod them to attack or not (I use this b/c sometimes a companion won't attack unless directly hit). Less aggressive is the default aggression value.

*Invisibilty - Makes the companion nearly invisible..helpful for sneaking. Seems to wear off after awhile so just turn it off/on again if it wears off.

*Armor repair/reuse - if the companion has an original armor(nonplayable) use this to repair if damaged(usually you can tell if they unequip it)

*Use Summons/Don't - minimize summoned monsters, sometimes they get in the way more than help. Due to my use of leveled spell lists, I can't completely disable summoned monsters for companions as of yet.

*Use horse/don't - some companions have horses near their city's stables, off by default but if you switch it on..they mount when you do (I generally don't use this because it is a complex script). If they are still dismounted when you are on a horse just nudge them b/c the script runs constantly until they are mounted and will make them act. A map indicator for the horse also is activated when the switch is enabled. When the horse switch is "off" the companion's horse will always return to their original location otherwise the horse will always stay put where it is left. A companion mounted on a horse disables several dialouge options.

Inventory - companion share(sort of)..basically just a way to exchange inventory items. If a character has a bound weapon the game will crash so be mindfull, I'm not checking for them. For Thelias who specifically has a bound dagger summon I am, so the option won't be available as long as he has it. There may be other items(mythic dawn?) that crashes the inventory exchange but I haven't ran across any yet.

Stay - this differs from wait because the character will wander/sleep/eat in the area. Basically a way to have your companions occupy an area or building. Also handy way to keep enemies cleared from a specific location(cave or ruin) because your companion will kill them. This works even better with a gang of companions.

Use torch/don't - does what it says

Wait - Companion stays in one spot until player issues another command, don't forget them!

Dismiss - does what is says, the companion returns to their original location/routines

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