Alyeid mansion

This is my version of an Alyeid mansion and is only in the beta step currently. I am still working on making it better and it may take some...

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File Description

This is my version of an Alyeid mansion and is only in the beta step currently. I am still working on making it better and it may take some time to finish. It is supposed to be a huge mansion taking up four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. There is still an arena being made and the script for the activator to start it has faults in it.

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|| The Alyeid Gods Arcanum  ||

1.basic information
5.any other required info such as bugs info and copy
1.basic information
	This is a mod for oblivion as a 
huge house. the house is found after a 
while of scavenger hunting, with the first clue
 right next to the entrance of the 
white-gold tower. eventually you will be able
 to find your way to the house. be mind-full
 this is only the beta version so 
there will be multiple faults in the areas.
there is also a challenge in the air region
and a doomstone labled as a tombstone which
gives powerful but not too powerful spells.

	There are six regions that your
 character can go through in this home.
each one is classified by their Arcanum,
 or in this case element used to create it.
there are two that are not classified by
anything, those being the arena and the
room leading to the home. The room leading
 to the home is a challenge room that you
 must pass through without dying to reach
 the destination. once you pass through the
 first time the way out will be safe. you will
be transported to the priory of the nine if
 you have the knights of the nine expansion
 but the expansion is not needed.the arena
 was a failure and will remain so until i
can get some help on the spell/activator

	this part will be very short, but there 
were 3 inspirations to a 2 regions.
the first inspiration does not need explanation
and it is the arena in the imperial city.
this co-en sides with the inspiration from 
PJYelton4476's clone spells. i tried to 
make an arena that pits you up against yourself.
it ended in a failure. the third inspiration
is the bath house is BlizzardDream's
city of sunev v5.8, which is the inspiration
 for the fire bath housing.

	installation just requires that you
 place the aliedmansion.esp (yes, i did not
 know how to spell alyeid at the time) into
 the oblivion data directory. just check the
 box and play. find the note and it should be
 easy from there. the note tells of the place
 for the next clue.

5.other information/bugs
	there is still only one bug that i found
which is the arena bug. i will put more bugs up
if you email me the bug and where it is found. :P

___________________________________________ info
contact me to tell me any bugs, offer help,
offer suggestions or anything else relevant
 to the mod. you may use this mod in any other
 creation of yours and it doesn't matter to me,
 unless you leave the whole thing intact and 
add 1 thing to it and say its yours. otherwise
 its fine by me.

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