Angelic Alliance Sword

Here's an interesting quest mod for Oblivion by Ztraider.

It has a treasure hunt/Ayleid ruin battle type quest to the game; where you lo...


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Here's an interesting quest mod for Oblivion by Ztraider.

It has a treasure hunt/Ayleid ruin battle type quest to the game; where you look for a sword called Angelic Alliance, which appears to be a remake of a sword from the game 'Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death'; not to mention a level 40 boss to top it all off, and if you can beat him, the sword is yours! ;)

Furthermore, I like the design of the sword. And while there are a few minor issues, like the Icon not having an alpha, but the mod is solid, the quest is good, and it's worth a download if you ask me.

~ Ray

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Angelic Alliance V1.3 by Ztraider(29/08/07)

This is my first quest mod for Oblivion.It adds a short quest to hunt a sword called Angelic Alliance from game Heroes of Might and Magic III:The Shadow Of Death.To start this quest go to Imperial City Talos Plaza District in Tiber Septim Hotel there you will find a NPC called Gelu (He is one of main characters from HOMM III).I recommand that you read his memo called "Gelu and Angelic Alliance" he will give it to you.He will tell you that he was hunting Sandro (Main Necromancer from HOMM III:TSOD)which killed his friends and took their sword Angelic Alliance.
Sandro is deep inside in Ayleid ruin called Nagastani with that sword.I warn you he is very powerful and nasty fellow :).You must be at last level 40 or higher to defeat him.

Read "Gelu and Angelic Alliance" for more information.
If you want more information play HOMM III:The Shadow Of Death :).

1. Just to be safe, make a backup of your saves before trying THIS/ANY mod.
2. Unzip the archive in your game Data folder.
3. Using the launcher, activate the mod (Data files).
4. Enjoy. ;)

I havent noticed any bugs but if you have please contact me on my e-mail address which is below so I will try to fix it.

1.1:added voice and lip files
Added Menu Icon
Repathed sward mesh texture.
1.3:added missing textures glow and normal maps
Alternate icon in C:\Documents and Settings\Sativarg\Desktop\aahelp\New Folder\Angelic Alliance 1.3 OMOD ready\textures\Menus\Icons\weapons\Angelic Alliance\ to use longsword from LPotD replace

My e-mail address is
Or send me a message on TESSource.

Thanks to JERROS and LHAMMONDS for their meshes and textures from their great mod Lost Paladins Of The DIvines.
The textures and meshes are from sword Heavens Wrath (without flames) :).
Thanks a lot guys :).

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