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What we have here is a two pack, from Pyros.

The first of two mods, adds an old favorite from Morrowind, which boosts the characters Spee...


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What we have here is a two pack, from Pyros.

The first of two mods, adds an old favorite from Morrowind, which boosts the characters Speed, Acrobatics, and Athletics, while draining combat skills. Allowing you're character to zoom around, exploring at high speeds. The author says that you can find the ring on the table at the base of the Archmage's bed in the Arcane University.

The second mod adds a near recreation of Pyros', the modcreator, Character... which you can fight. The character is level 30, with who knows how many uber items; The character also has custom spells, so be warned.

~ Ray

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Windwalker Ring
Otherworldly Arena

These are two mods that I've made, both of which are included in this folder.

Right-click the zipped folder and click the Extract button. Go into the created folder and either
use the copy button or the cut button to move the OtherworldlyArena1.0 and WindwalkerRing1.0 files
to your Oblivion/Data folder, with any other .esp files you may have. Then, next time you start
up Oblivion, click the Data Files button and check the two boxes under OtherworldlyArena and

Windwalker Ring
Remember the spell 'Wind Walk', or whatever the exact name of it was,
from Morrowind that let you levitate invisible with a highly boosted speed,
like you're walking on wind? Well, this ring was made to be like something similar.
It makes you invisible with 100% chameleon, and greatly boosts your Acrobatics, Speed, and Athletics.

Now you're probably thinking that this sounds like a cheat mod.

To some degree, it could be, but the ring also drains all of your combat skills,
making it very difficult to kill something while wearing it. After all, while you're wearing it,
with a little imagination, your character is part of the wind, and the wind has a hard time
killing something.

This ring also gives a large amount of bonus health while wearing it, to prevent you
from making too large a jump and accidentally committing suicide.

One thing to remember is that you should be sure to rest when taking it off.
What SHOULD happen, if you go lost more than your base hitpoints while wearing the ring
is that you should end up with 1 hitpoint when you take it off. That doesn't always work though,
and sometimes you end up dying as soon as the ring is removed, so it's a good idea to rest first.

This ring was intennded as a travel tool, for getting from place to place in a different and
faster way.

Oh, and the ring is sitting on the table at the foot of the bed in the Archmage's Quarters.

Otherworldly Arena

Interesting though the name may sound, this mod is simply designed to let you fight
an NPC made to resemble one of my characters. What this mod does is it adds a Magical Gate
in the Archmage's Quarters in the Mage's Guild Tower (those archmage's sure like to play around 
with powerful magic, don't they?) that leads to an arena of sorts.

In the arena you'll find one NPC made to be an almost identical clone of one the characters
that I play Oblivion with. His items were changed somewhat, but they're almost the same as the ones
that my character used ingame, and he has some of the custom spells that I made ingame, too.

There's also a chest with some semi-cool semi-cheat items in it, and the NPC character clone
was supposed to have the key for it, but I couldn't get the chest to lock properly, so it's
unlocked and CAN, if you have a mind to, be looted before you fight the arena character.
It was intended to be a reward for those who can slay him, but it's there if you want it.

A couple things to remember: The Arena character is only level 30, I never bothered to level
up my ingame character more than that since it all got really easy anyway.
Neither of these mods are perfect, they're just something I made for my enjoyment and 
thought I'd share, in case someone else wanted to try them.
I had, and still have, very little idea as to how the construction set works, so I consider
making these mods to be a great accomplishment for me, however easy-to-make for some they may be.

If you wanted, for some reason, to include one or both of these in a mod you're making, feel
free to, as long as you be sure to include that I made them.

You can send me an e-mail if you need to at


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