This is a mod that adds literally hundreds of new items, ready to play, to the game. The author, Trollf, states that there are:



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This is a mod that adds literally hundreds of new items, ready to play, to the game. The author, Trollf, states that there are:

  • 14 re-textured and slightly modified armors.
  • 11 re-textured shields.
  • 29 defensive weapons.
  • 209 pieces of new weapons.

263 new items! That's quite a list! Trollf also says that the weapons are balanced to the Vanilla weapon stats, so they should fit in quite well.

Now if that wasn't enough to make you download this, take a look at the screen shots! There's everything from Iron to Daedric, daggers to hammers.

What are you waiting for? Go and download this mod!


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Download 'armamentarium.7z' (49.78MB)

This mod adds houndreds of new items to the game: 14 retextured and slightly modified armors, 11 retextured shields, 29 defensive weapons and 209 pieces of new weapons (some retextured and some modified or completely new and in different combinations). 

Copy all .esm and .esp files along with 'Menus' and 'Textures' folders to 'Oblivion\Data' folder. 
In Oblivion Launcher choose 'Data Files' from menu and mark the checkbox that belongs to 'Armamentarium.esm' file. 
Then chose one or both of .esp files as well. Mark 'ArmamentariumTest.esp' if you want to have access to all items freely. Mark 'ArmamenatriumVendors.esp' if you want all items distributed between merchants in Skingrad. 
Run the game and load your any save. Now you can cast 'Armamentarium Inspection' lesser power to access all stuff for free (if you checked 'ArmamentariumTest.esp') or take a trip to Skingrad's shops (if you checked 'ArmamentariumVendors.esp). These shops are Hammer and Tongs (all weapons) and Colovian Traders (all armor, defensive weapons and shields).

Just delete these three files:
And remove this three folders:
Known Issues:
There shouldn't be any. This mod is not a replacer. It just adds completely new stuff to the game. It doesn't overwrite anything.
It should be compatible with any other mod... so far :] 
Credits given to: 
Bethesda for such fine and moddable game.
Elder Scrolls Community at official forums for knowledge and inspiration :]
If you have any questions, comments, etc. related to this mod just mail me or drop me some personal message (nickname Trollf) on official TESForums.
Last Words:
This mod is being provided as freeware. Please feel free to copy and distribute it or change its content to suit your personal desires. All I ask is that you don't claim/release it as your own and if you want to use part of it give me a credits for what I have done. 
Enjoy it and keep smile!

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