Backstabber's Weapons

Adds 2 weapons with special enchantments, the Backstabber's Knife and the Backstabber's Bow. When the game is first loaded with the mod, b...


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Adds 2 weapons with special enchantments, the Backstabber's Knife and the Backstabber's Bow. When the game is first loaded with the mod, both weapons are added automatically to the player's inventory.

Currently the knife has the model of the Iron Dagger, the bow that of the Iron Bow. The models may be replaced once the actual functionality is implemented correctly and checked thoroughly for bugs.

I wanted more effective (and more fun/"satisfying") weapons for stealth characters, similar to the instant-kill bow and dagger used in the Thief "first-person sneaker" series. To avoid completely unbalancing the game, higher damage is bought with extra cost to the player, i.e. with loss of magicka and fatigue, so that the weapons must be used in stealth and/or from safe positions to avoid being caught with diminished defenses.

Oblivion applies damage multiplicators when striking undetected, but the damage is seldom enough to kill stronger enemies outright (or even after several hits). Mods to increase sneaking damage multipliers already exist, so I wanted to explore a different avenue. All characters in Oblivion, warrior types as well as mages, have a certain amount of magicka. The Backstabber's Weapons use up the player's magicka as well as his fatigue to cause extra damage, but do not need or use magic charge (don't need to be recharged with Soul Gems).

*** EFFECT ***

The actual damage made is computed this way for both the dagger and the bow:

- to use the special effect of the weapons, the player must have AT LEAST OR GREATER THAN 55 Agility.

- the BASE DAMAGE Db is the minimum of the player's current magicka and fatigue. E.g. if the player has 120 magicka and 100 fatigue when the weapon is used, Db is 100.

Db = minimum (player's current magicka, player's current fatigue)

ALSO: The current magica value must be higher than *one fifth* of the player's maximum magicka, otherwise the weapons behave like standard weapons with no magic effect.

- the base damage Db is adjusted depending on how high the player's Agility is to yield the ADJUSTED DAMAGE Da, which is computed like this:

Da = (0.02 * playerAgility - 0.8) * Db

This means that at 55 Agility Da will be 30% of Db. Da reaches 100% of Db at 90 Agility and goes up to 120% at 100 Agility. Every point of Agility more raises Da by 2%.

- if the enemy has his back to player when he is hit, then Da is doubled!

- if the player has equal to or more than 75 Agility and currently 100 or more magicka, an additional Paralyze (3 seconds) effect is applied on the enemy.

- the damage on the enemy is instant and can not be resisted, the Paralyze spell can be resisted.

- Db (not Da!) is subtracted from the player's magicka and fatigue, reducing both to zero instantly. The player should NOT faint from this because fatigue does not go below zero.

- standard weapon damage is that of equivalent Silver weapons.

- sneaking does not improve the magical damage, just the standard weapon damage. Sneaking has no effect on the magical damage.

- the weapons do not have to be (and can not be) recharged.

*** HISTORY ***

--- June 25, 2006: 1.2 alpha --- ++ Completely rebuilt: got rid of Ability spells, effects are now caused by invisible Activators (inspired by the TES CS Wiki article "Casting Spells From An Activator").+ this also gets rid of the annoying "spell added" message and avoids some dangerous bugs.

+ more than one enemy may be affected by the backstab damage now (if player's magicka is sufficient).

+ The weapons don't have charge anymore (since they don't need any), but still count as magical weapons.

--- June 22, 2006: 1.1 alpha --- + changed gold value of weapons to that of equivalent daedric weapons.

+ fixed bug: only one enemy can be affected by backstab now.

--- June 18, 2006: first release, 1.0 alpha ---

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