Another house mod! This time by Valshy, this is their first mod. The house, BasTyra, is located just south-south-west of the Anvil Lighthous...

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File Description

Another house mod! This time by Valshy, this is their first mod. The house, BasTyra, is located just south-south-west of the Anvil Lighthouse.

The walkway to the house is very close to the water, and once you reach the house you'll see that it's the same design as the Weynon Priory house. Inside is a roaring fire (which makes roaring fire noises, 'roar'), named storage containers (useful :D) a bedroom and a desk with powerful scrolls on it }>!

Outside is training area for both sword and bow. When I read the the readme, I saw that a BIG daedroth would be there to practice skills on (also handy) but when I arrived at the house, I was disappointed to see that the Daedroth wasn't there:eek:! The author hinted towards a possible update though :P.

In the water surrounding the house, deep on the ocean floor, you'll find a door to a room with several massive fires! Test your courage and see if you're brave enough to step through the wall of flames and claim the beefed up Dwarven Armor, war axe and longsword.

This is a wholly creative mod from a first-timer whom we hope to see new files from in the future! Download and enjoy it people


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Re-Upload Request Restoration

BasTyra by Lorn (my first mod 'n all =D)


What this mod does is add a new player house to the game. Could quite easily be used by most types of players.

In the house, you'll find several display cases, labelled wardrobes/chests (eg, Heavy Armour Cabinet or Blades Chest) so you can sort various items out easily without confusion. There's also a desk, a bed, fire (yay for fire) and bookcases. There's supposed to be an enchanting/spellmaking station, but this didn't show up in game for some reason.

Around the house, you'll find it's on an island. There's a walkway made out of marble slabs to get there, slabs set almost flush with the water, and another similar walkway to the side, taking you to an area where there's a captured daedroth that's somewhat bigger than a normal daedroth. It's got load of health and one spell - heal - and can not move or attack, so you can use it for training most skills.

There's also a set of targets out the back, weapon racks, benches, and trees, and several blackberry bushes (hey, what can I sauy, I love blackberries :p)

Lastn but certainly not least, you'll find (somewhere around the base of the island, underwater) a trapdoor. Through here, if you dare brave lots and lots of multicoloured fire, you'll find a set of improved Dwarven armour, a hand axe (using the Fine Steel War Axe model/trexture) and a longsword (using the Blackwater Blade texture.) None of this is enchanted. Do with it what you will, although it won't respawn...

The house is free. Someday I may improve it, and put the new file up, but not today.

Ooooh, and it's located just below Anvil - look around the lighthouse for the walkway.


Just put the LORNBasTyra.esp file in Oblivion/Data.


Remove EVERY ITEM YOU WANT TO KEEP from the house, and delete the LORNBasTyra.esp file.


If you want to include this mod in another, email me first at tehvalshy AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

DO NOT use or reproduce without my permission, available by emailing the address above.

Or contact me on the Filefront network if it's possible - my user's Valshy

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