Beautiful Darkelf Kim In Sook

Kim In Sook Darkelf-35940-1.zip


One of my characters I made starting at lvl 1. She already has a house and armor/clothes in the house to start off with. You need Shivering Isles for this to work because she has some armor and clothes that are from the Shivering Isles. Hope you like her. 



A Darkelf I made and I thought it looked good to me, so I decided to upload it onto here for others to download and tell me what they think about it.
It's a vanilla character so it requires nothing. Just make sure you have Shivering Isles installed and you are fine. I have some armor in her inventory that are from SI. 
She's at lvl 1 and owns the house in Bravil and she has armor/clothes that I started her off with. I did not begin any quests yet, so you won't get confused at what's done and what isn't.
Yes this is my first time uploading something on here so I'm sorry if I didn't do anything right because I had absolutely no help at all lol. xD Hope you like her though. ^^
If you don't like her and don't think I did a great job, then don't comment or argue with me. It will save you a lot of time.
All of you that like it just tell me what you think. xD I can make pretty Woodelves too and I may upload a file for that too later on. ^^
Unfortunately I have no experience with making actual mods or how to use the TES Construction set. I'm only 14 though, so surprise surprise. But I did get far enough to where I could manage to pull everything up and edit things a little, but I don't know much at all. This is all I can do for now until I figure out how to use the Construction set and make my own mods. But tell me what you think if you like it. ^^

You may edit this and post it with other mods as much as you want and upload it to other sites as much as you want, just please make sure you include me in the credits. Thank you. ^^

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