Bella Moretta

Octavia Lucia paced her cabin restlessly. She'd served with honor throughout the entire Morrowind Campaign, having earned a Letter of Disti...

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File Description

Octavia Lucia paced her cabin restlessly. She'd served with honor throughout the entire Morrowind Campaign, having earned a Letter of Distinguished Action for bravery at the Battle of Sadrith Mora. Three years of war had elevated her to the rank of Praefectus as well as a something of a legend among her Marines.

Burning questions lingered across her mind. Why was the Emperor disbanding her unit? Why was she being asked to turn in her blades and retire? Like some simpering land worm milk sop?! Pretty pink dresses and formal dances?

Humiliated by the loss of her brigade, Ovtavia commandeered the Bella Moretta, a small merchant yacht, and gathered to her those Marines with loyalties stronger to herself than to the Emperor. The remainder of her troops, making their way home on the flotilla of various warships destined for Imperial City, were given order to inform the Magistrate of her intentions. By now, the entire Palace would be burning with rumors of her betrayal.

Retirement was never an option. She would die with blood on her blades as her mother had and her father before her. Bravil was ripe. Ill defended and brimming with gold. With her armor blackened in defiance, no guard would mistake her, or her Marines, as one of their own. Not that it mattered. Born from the womb of war, they would face little opposition from the infamous Bravil ale fattened militia. Marines? No longer. The word was almost an epithet as it rolled across her tongue. Octavia's Raiders would taste blood, today. A prophecy painted in harsh crimson strokes, leaving the young former Praefectus laughing at the irony.

= Description =

This mod was very much my re-introduction to modding. After an almost two year hiatus from modding for Morrowind, I decided to get my feet wet in the same way that I had in Seyda Neen. I'd build my ship home and learn from there. This little project has ended up much larger than I had originally intended and now encompasses some 55-60MB of material.

Furnishings - Brand new bed and wardrobe. Everything else was reskinned, including the flatware. New tapestries, rugs and paintings, both reskinned and remodeled, are included. Much of the art may not be to your individual tastes, but it fit the theme that I was looking for. More than likely, I will be releasing art packs, based on user feedback, to replace those paintings with versions more suitable to individual tastes.

Armor - 2 new suits. One based off of the Imperial Watch and the other off of the Town Guard armor. One heavy, one light. Also, the caligae, or sandals, from the Arena set have been declawed and made independent.

Weapons - 2 gladius with off hand versions, 1 spatha and a reskinned and rescaled bow.

Shields - A new roman style scutum and an larger version of the Imperial Watch shield that matches the heavy armor.

Ship - The entire ship has been remodeled, piece by piece. Most of the changes and corrections will likely not be noticeable to most people. However, there were some glaring issues with the original meshes and these have, for the most part, all been corrected.

= Location =

The ship is moored at 18,0. This is a small dock, south of Imperial City and north of Bravil.

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