Capes and Cloaks



In the real world we have Superman, Batman etc. In Oblivion they have nothing Untill now!! You can become a superhero with your very own cape. They are all sold at Divine Elegance in the Imperial City and come in many shapes and sizes. The maker has said anyone can make textures for this so get modding!! To install simply extract the .zip file into the Data file in your Oblivion directory. Then activate it in the data files section of the Oblivion boot screen



Capes and Cloaks by Someone1074 Contact: [email protected]
Excellent Textures by Belenos

Instructions: Extract to the Oblivion\Data folder and check 
it off from the Data Files option when you start Oblivion.


Well, after alot of work we now have a huge variet of capes and cloaks available in the world
of Oblivion. They can be found for sale at moderate prices in the Divine Elegance clothing store
which can be found in the Imperial City.


Cape and Cloak styles:

Small (short cape length)
Thin (thin cape width)
Large (broad shouldered, minor pauldron clipping, wide cape base)
Very Large (very broad shouldered, minor pauldron clipping, very wide cape base)

Cape and Cloak colors:

Black with Red Inner

This is still a Work in Progress, and with some new developments in Blender exporting, I will
be experimenting with havok control over the middle to bottoms of the capes.

With a new release expect the following:

-no clipping, even on the less serious large and very large capes
-a wide variety of colors with insignias on the the backs of the cape
-capes that have enchantments, and those that are carried by unique and challenging NPC's.

Currently the textures are made so that anyone with photoshop or any .dds altering tool can add
their own specific insignia's to the capes.That is to say that each side of the capes have their own area
on the texture file. So by all means, modify this mod to your liking and enjoy the base we have made
available to you.

Also, keep in mind that this a mod release as well as it is a modder's resource. If you wish to use it in
your mods or modify it yourself, by all means, you are welcome to it. Enjoy yourselves.

See you all next release.

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