Cats & Rats

Rats by Dejaside Cats by Tegeal AI by Martigen

Files included: Vanilla: Cats & Rats.esp Francesco's 2.9c: Cats & Rats for Francescos....


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Rats by Dejaside Cats by Tegeal AI by Martigen

Files included: Vanilla: Cats & Rats.esp Francesco's 2.9c: Cats & Rats for Francescos.esp Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.23f: Cats & Rats for OOO.esp Creature Continuum 1.2.0: Cats & Rats for Creature Continuum.esp

WHAT IT DOES :: Adds atmospheric cats and rats to cities, towns, wilderness, and dungeons throughout Tamriel. Includes Dejaside's City, Wilderness and Dungeon rats mods and Tegeal's Oblivion Cats with permission. :: New cat and rat AI makes cats chase rats, rats flee from cats, and your character eminently more sexy. Er, no guarantees on that last one. :: To prevent all-in brawls, guards now ignore cats attacking rats.

Additionally, cats won't always go for a chase. Sometimes they'll be happy to share their immediate surroundings, and at other times get bored and chase the rats. It's not just a game though, if the cats catch up with the rats they'll die by its claws! Fortunately, both rats and cats respawn if killed smile.gif

NOTE: This is the final release, please report any bugs.

COMPATIBILITY This mod adds its own unique spawns to the world. CELL warnings may come up in OBMM's conflict detector, but this is perfectly normal.

The mod makes changes to guards to prevent them killing cats when fights start. Any mod that makes changes to guard behaviour may conflict with this, such as Creature Continuum and OOO. Both CC and OOO compatible versions are included, as well as one for Francescos.

Probably not compatible with current Open Cities betas. Rats and guards will be, but cats are hand placed.

INSTALLATION Just four easy steps:

:: Extract the files your DATA directory :: Select Cats & Rats.esp (or compatible esp) and start Oblivion :: Go into an interior cell (house, shop, cave, etc) :: Press 'T', set hours to 24, and wait for four days.

If you use Cats & Rats for Francescos, Creature Continuum, or Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, be sure to load Cats & Rats after these mods.

vv SUPER FLUFFY IMPORTANT README vv If you currently use Dejaside's Rat mods (City, Wilderness or Dungeon) or Tegeal's Oblivion Cats 0.2b, de-select these before selecting Cats & Rats -- they are included in this mod.

vv REALLY REALLY REALLY READ ME vv For the cat, rat and guard AI to take effect any cells you've already visited need to respawn. This happens automatically as you travel, as long as you stay out of a cell for three days (the game's default). You can speed this up by pressing 'T' and waiting for three or four days (as per the installation instructions above). If you don't let the cells resapwn, cats may massacre all the rats and guards will attack any cats in a fight.

OOO users -- if you're using the Week, Month or Year respawn .esps, you'll need to wait this long (again use 'T' to wait, or just make a note to adventure away from the cell for a while). As a side note, you shouldn't use the 'Year' esp, a good many parts of the game depend on respawning happening in a timely manner. A week or two is a good value, a month at the max.

Finally, the cat AI is tweaked to not always be interested in chasing rats. You know, cats only do it for fun afterall. So don't expect to see it happen straight away. Hang around a cat near some rats though and, after a while, you'll see the fun smile.gif

UPGRADING If you are upgrading from 0.8 or 0.9, new AI changes for cats, rats, and guards won't occur until the cells you have visited next reset. It's highly recommended to follow the INSTALLATION instructions above and again wait four days (or more, depending if you use a mod to change the respawn time) to allow new rats, cats, and guards to spawn.

Any cells you haven't yet visited will spawn the new 1.0 cats, rats and guards.

VERSION HISTORY 0.81 - Added Tegeal's cat meshes, textures and sounds!

0.9 - added shadows to cats and rats - added more guards and named guards to ignore cat fights* - added cats in some inns and warehouses to clean up the pests! - added OOO 1.23f compatible version - updated Creature Continuum 1.2.0 version - cleaned out old code from Oblivion Cats

* Note, mounted guards on roads not included. They have less patience, for now smile.gif

1.0 - added rat spawns to some food sacks and containers of bandit camps, goblin camps, and dungeons. - expanded cat faction relations to stop them seeing some people as cat food. - increased slightly the length of time before a cat changes its mind -- the chase will last a little longer. - reduced slightly the chance of a cat wanting to hunt rats -- make those rats last longer! - reduced slightly the number of rats spawned in populated areas. - pushed scatter distance to rats a little further out - dodgy-arsed sleep package in. Cats may take a nap, or not. Awww. - added Fancesco's compatible version - updated OOO compatible version - updated Creature Continuum version

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