Cellars of Cyrodiil

Cellars of Cyrodiil gives a small but handy upgrade to various houses. It adds cellar doors like the one in a certain quest. This mod is mea...


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Cellars of Cyrodiil gives a small but handy upgrade to various houses. It adds cellar doors like the one in a certain quest. This mod is meant for players who's characters prefer darker paths such as thievery or murdering, allowing you to enter a home through the basement rather than the front door. This may be version 0.5, but there should be no bugs, and is considered version 0.5 due to the fact there are so few cellar entrances, a grand total of eight. FlyingPieOfDeath is prepared to listen to any suggestions for homes to give cellar entrances, but know before suggesting that he is not creating basements for the houses, simply adding the entrances.

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Download 'cellars_of_cyrodiil_0.5.rar' (2.84MB)

                         =-- Cellars of Oblivion--=
                        By Oblivion@DEEP Modding Crew

--What is this?--
Cellars of Oblivion (COO) is a fairly unambitious modification seeking to add Cellar           doors such as [MINOR SPOILER ALERT] the cellar door in the third Dark Brotherhood              quest[/END SPOILER].  We found that it was strange that that one house get the only            cellar door to the outside.  For the various thieves and assassins, this mod should be a nice addition to your mod list, and compliments mods such as Vaults of Cyrodiil and and mod that gives upper class houseeholds higher grade loot and lower class houses lower grade loot.  Cellars of Oblivion does NOT add any new basements to the game world, only entrances where deemed appropriate.  It is intended to add a small bit of immersion into the game.

COO does not do anything with the apparent cellar doors on the lower class building            meshs, we are under the assumption that they are simply minor storage shacks, and not          cellars themselves, despite the similarity between the doors.  If we do more work on           adding cellars rather than just modifying existing ones, we may add cellars to some of the lower class buildings.

--What doesn't this mod do?--
This mod does not make new NPCs, Now cells, or anything else, really.  It only does            what is stated in the above section.

The same as any mod. extract 'COO Chorrol 0.2.esp' to the Data folder in the directory of your oblivion instalation, usually 'C:/Program Files/Bethesda                               Softworks/Oblivion/Data'

--Bug List--
None as of yet.  If any are found, email flyingpieofdeath@gmail.com and the bug will           be fixed before next release.

--Comments, Questions, & Concerns--
As above, any comments, questions, or concerns should go to the same email,                    flyingpieofdeath@gmail.com.  In addition, if you have any ideas for us to improve this modification, please send them to us, and we will consider them carefully.  the main modder of the group can be found on the official forums by the name 'flyingPieOfDeath', and on TESNexus as FPOD.

--Version history--
v0.1 One cellar door added, Jirolin Doran.
v0.2 In-house testing for bugs; second cellar door added, Rimalus Bruiant
v0.3 Primary release for Open testing
v0.4 Added Nord Winds, Borba's Goods and Stores, and Magrum-gra Orum's Cellars
v0.5 Began work on Skingrad -Toutious Sextius, Lazare Mivan; asked for suggestions on the official forums

--Houses Modified--
Jirolin Doran's house; Chorrol
Rimalus Bruiant's house; Chorrol
Nord Winds; Bruma
Borbas Goods and Stores; Cheydinhal
Magrum-gra Orum's House; Cheydinhal
Toutius Sextius' house; Skingrad
Lazare Milvan's house; Skingrad
Summitmist Manor; skingrad; Suggested by VorynDagoth

--Legal jargon--
The holder of the files included in the zip folder 'CellarsOfCyrodiil.rar' 
shall not redistribute, copy, or alter the contents in any way without 
permission from the creators, Oblivion@DEEP, unless for their own private use.

Head Modder: FlyingPieOfDeath
In-House Play testers: Ultraman and 56kNinja
And Bethesda for creating such a wonderful game, and a free construction set for us            all to sculpt our own little worlds

--Closing comments--
We at Oblivion@DEEP hope this mod adds to your gaming experience at least a slight             bit.  We like to focus on lore-friendliness and immersion, so if you ever find                 something that shouldn't be in one of our mods, please let us know. =)
Happy Gaming!

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