Champions of Light

col_v2_beta.zip —


traditional Paladins and Priests, with powers appropriate to those roles. Only use this mod if you wish to play one of these types. INSTALLATIONSimply Unzip and extract this plugin into your Oblivion/Data folder. Then select the CoL plugin.Compatibility and Using in the Mod ManagerI personally use ~50 mods (including OOO), and have discovered no conflicts with the CoL mod. However, you must LOAD CoL LAST in the OMM List.Hasty Overview:You must start a new game. If you want to play a Paladin (melee) type character, choose The Eyes of Manw Birthsign. If you want to play a spell casting priest-type, choose The Hand of Varda Birthsign. Then look for all spells in your list prefixed with CoL. Do not choose the Conjuration skill when you make your character. It is crashed down (-999), and is not used for any of the CoL spells. Do choose to make Restoration a Major skill, and crank up your Willpower.


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