City of Olvusulthia

Olvusulthia is a city somewhere below the ground. It can simulate day and night and weather, but has no sun. It broke away from its colonizi...

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File Description

Olvusulthia is a city somewhere below the ground. It can simulate day and night and weather, but has no sun. It broke away from its colonizing country a decade earlier and now is self-sufficient. The Olvusulthians hate the city guards of Cyrodill and the nobility, but if you’re a Blade, don’t worry… they don’t hate them.

Still, there may be an even darker threat right at their doorstep. Search in the mountains southeast of Cheydinhal. There, you’ll find the entrance to Olvusulthia beneath a ruined fort. Don’t look too far for the key to enter. When you see the two guards in Dwarven Armor, you know you’ve found the right place. Go further south, however, and you might find these red beings. This also changes sightly certain quests (making characters unessential after quests if they’re not used again and making objects standard, not quest essential like the Ring of the Vipereye).

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

This mod was formed with the Shivering Isles installed. You need it to run this well.

Before installing this, know that there’s a custom race in this mod. To play as them, you’ll need to download KyneTarse’s Custom Race Mod so you can play as the custom race.;65184
Please ask before distributing any of this in other mods and make mention of me. My email address is:

	But it might take some time for me to answer, just so you know beforehand.

	Extract the esp. file, meshes, and textures to the data file. You can find the data file in… 

Your computer drive (C, D, etc.) – Program files – Bethesda Softworks – Oblivion – data.

(Screenshots included in the file if they don’t show up on the website itself.)

	Additions from version 1:

	-Incomplete, but new Rustic Town, foundation up for Industry Town, and Ou’zixu walls under construction.

	-Can pay gold when committing crimes at all times, even if it exceeds 5,000, as long as you have enough. (Both Oblivion and Shivering Isles).

	-Most items in Olvusulthia now have an owner, meaning you have to steal them. 

-Added several merchants in the Rustic-Town Marketplace. 

-Swamp District now separate from Disco Beach.

-More npcs 

-Most npcs in Olvusulthia should now be non-essential 

Additions from version 2:

-Most Oblivion and SI NPCs respawnable (Except for those that die in quests) So you don't lose your favorite merchant, so an NPC you like doesn't stay dead, so mass murderers don't live in cities filled with only guards... guards respawn... why not everyone else?

-Fixed a couple NPC faces

-Continued expansion of Olvusulthia

-Expansion of underground tunnels

-LOLs (Cheydinhal Fighter’s Guild an example)

-Completed Rustic Town

-Added a fence in Rustic Town

-More Merchants

-Incomplete hidden ruin in the West Weald, east of the Priory of the Nine. (You do not need Knight of the Nine!)

-Added two hairstyles (Thanks to Throttlekitty and Ren!)

-No more gates – easier movement between districts

-First LOD attempt (I know it sucks, but it’s a start).

-Additions to path-finding in Olvusulthia

-Playable Knights of Order Armor (Find it in the basement of an Olvusulthia house).

-And other things

Thanks again to Throttlekitty and Ren and anyone who helped them.

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