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*Guild Guides: Adds an NPC to each Mages Guild Chapter and the Arcane University, that will teleport you instantaneously to any other guild...


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*Guild Guides: Adds an NPC to each Mages Guild Chapter and the Arcane University, that will teleport you instantaneously to any other guild. Transport is exclusive to Mage's Guild members and the cost is dependent roughly on your rank in the guild (is free for Arch-Mage!). Each NPC has a full schedule and can usually be found in a basement room, or in the case of the University, just look for the doors in the main open area. Bruma situation should be taken care of.

*Ships: Adds a ship and captain to Anvil, Bravil (look front and left as you face the main gates), Leyawiin (near the coast guard station) and the Imperial City Waterfront. They offer ship travel to other ports, though not necessarily all the other ports, for a fee.

*Horse Carriage: Like the Stilt Striders in Morrowind, these are found at each city and at the Imperial Bridge Inn, and will take you to other locations for a fee. Not every destination is available for each city, though the Imperial City serves all but Kvatch and the Imperial Bridge Inn. Find the riders near the stables of each city (the Kvatch rider is at the far end of the camp).

*Divine Intervention Spell that automatically teleports you to the nearest chapel (/temple). Can't be used in Oblivion or in other areas where it wouldn't be sensible. Also if you are in jail or have a bit of a bounty, the Nine will refuse to help you! Spell available from the spell sellers in the Chapels at Anvil, Bravil, Chorrol and Cheydinhal, and scrolls from the Mystic Emporium in the Market District of the Imperial City.

*Mark and Recall Both are Apprentice level spells. Mark allows you to set a location to teleport back to later, with the recall spell. An apprentice can only have one mark, a journeyman can have two marks, an expert three marks and a master four marks. Spells available from Alves Uvenim in the Leyawiin Mages Guild and Borissean in the Praxographical Center in the Arcane University. Not castable in combat and can't Mark or Recall in locations like Oblivion etc.

All fees are fairly minimal, so are usable nearly whatever you financial situation.

When you first play with the mod you will recieve a ring (x*Fast Travel Ring*x) when you equip it, it will give you the option to choose which method of Oblivion's normal fast travel system you want to use: normal, enabled only if mounted and disabled. If you want to change your mind at any time, just equip the ring again!

V1.3 - Added a crate to the lower deck of each transport ship that gives you the opportunity to stowaway. Location you end up is random but dependent on where you board. Stowing away is a serious offence and there is a chance you will be caught (function of your sneak and security skills). Crates are open and marked as 'Large Crate'. - Horses now travel with you when you travel by carriage, as long as it is the last horse you rode and it's reasonably close to the stable you're travelling from. Note this currently only works with the vanilla horses. Hopefully in the next version any horse you own will be supported - Added a book, 'An Overview of Transport in Cyrodiil' which details NPC's names, fares etc. involved in the mod. Find in some of the Guild Guides and ships. - Slightly changed ship costs and duration (now a little cheaper but a bit slower). - Mark and Recall Spells also available from the orc woman in Chorrol Chapel. - Recall script slightly rewritten to (hopefully!) solve the crash problems people were having. Recall also no longer works when you are in jail - Marks now have sparkly stuff to show their locations (can take a little while to appear at times) - All ships now full sized. - Optional .esp version which adds a small quest for those wanting to travel to Frostcrag Spire. Search around the Skingrad Guild Guide. - Remove 'X*' tags from fast travel ring (now just named 'Fast Travel Ring').

V1.2 - IC Rider transports you to Anvil properly, instead of just taking your money! - Moved the ship in Anvil so it's no longer blocking the painter's view (does not conflict with Don Prestoni's Anvil Mercant Houseboat). - Addition of topics should now always add properly (seems there's a quirk in the way Add Topic works in the GREETINGS). - Mark and Recall spells now also available from Borissean in the Praxographical Center of the Arcane University. - Added another fast travel ring option. The choices are now: Enabled (normal), Enabled only when mounted and disabled. - Fixed some errors/inconsistencies in the dialogue. - Cleaned up a few things.

V1.1 - Minor dialogue tweaks - Added silent mp3's for the longer bits of dialogue - Can now travel to Leyawiin from the Bridge Inn (as originally intended) - Fast Travel Ring no longer a quest item. If you lose it and want to change option type, 'Set EVPRFastTravelNo to 2' in the console and you should get a new ring. - Fixed issue with Cheydinhal Mages Guild Basement doors. - Adjusted lighting levels in Anvil and Bruma Guild Guide Rooms

V1.0 - Initial Release

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