Oblivion's daedric architects certainly can be admired for the grand scale of their creations, and their fanatical dedication to the humble...


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Oblivion's daedric architects certainly can be admired for the grand scale of their creations, and their fanatical dedication to the humble bloodied spike, but they seem to have a bit of a disdain for practicalities. Thirty-storey-tall towers covered in pointy bits are very impressive and all, but when you just fill them with a bunch of spiral staircases and maybe a spike lift and nothing else, you have to wonder if maybe they aren't wasting a teensey bit of space and effort.

But when the dremora come home from a hard day's terrorising at the spire, they need a home to hang up their spiky armour and relax. Hence Damarask. A picturesque, chaotic island city on the idyllic Sea Of Lava, and the capital of the Taloned Claw clan. It's a complete town almost the same size as the towns in the existing game. I've tried to make it pretty lore-friendly, so it's not just a joke town. It contains (with interior and exterior cells complete): a number of private residences, a council hall/museum, a smithy, an alchemist's, a xivilai ice mage's dwelling, an arena/bloodworks, a temple to Dagon, a bar, guard towers, a barracks, the home of a particularly unhinged individual, slave caverns, and a massive apartment-type building. It also has a separate and rather uncompromising criminal justice system. It's perhaps best not to commit a crime unless you want to fight the entire town.

To start on your journey towards the city, you need 10 infamy and you need to walk the road north of Leyawiin (almost to Water's Edge). To get 10 infamy without earning it (shame!), type "SetPCInfamy 10" in the console. You can now also go straight to the town by typing "coc damaraskstart" in the console, but some of the dialogue etc may not make sense, and there may be some errors, if you haven't done the starting quests. The mod is now also compatible with Open Cities! Any time you enter the city from Tamriel, it will automatically determine if Open Cities is activated. If you've activated Open Cities while in Damarask (or if you're using Open Cities and you're using the cheat entrance), type "set aaaJTOpenCitiesGlobal to 1" in the console (or "set aaaJTOpenCitiesGlobal to 0" if you've deactivated Open Cities).

This is a beta release and does not represent the complete mod. But it's pretty close. The town itself (interiors and exteriors) is essentially complete. Over 50 NPCs have been added and given dialogue and AI. And the first five quests have been added, as well as nine new arena fights. The main reason for this release is to get feedback on stuff that needs fixing (bugs, bad design decisions, lore problems, etc etc, whatever quibble you have. I can take it :) ). The final release will have more quests, probably a few more cells, and some more dialogue. I don't think it will ever have voiced dialogue, partly because dremora sound ridiculous.

A couple of known issues:

This version does not appear to play nice with previous versions. Some of the main square items (the bloodgrass and statue in particular) may be incorrectly placed, and NPCs may not be correctly updated.

The dremora become a playable race (though it's separate from the standard dremora race). This was not my intention, but the game unfortunately requires it for crime to work. Nobody cares if you murder poor, unplayable dremora. It's horrible, horrible racism but what can you do. Anyway, the mod is NOT intended for playing by a dremora-race character, and every character will assume you're a mortal. If you want playable dremora, I STRONGLY recommend using a separate tailor-made playable dremora mod.

In order to avoid massive file size from silent mp3s, the dialogue has been done through multiple repeats of the same line to keep the text on screen longer. Thus it will take quite a few clicks to skip through dialogue quickly. I'm sorry about this, but I think it represents the best solution until Beth fix the ridiculous dialogue situation.

You cannot wear the Grey Cowl in Damarask. It just doesn't work with the zero-tolerance justice system in the city. If you were wearing it when you came in, you'll have it back when you leave, along with the corresponding bounty.

*spoiler* The wrist irons will be removed during the questline. However, for this version you can get them removed at any time by talking to the smith. *spoiler*

The apartments don't have doors - the oblivion tower doors don't like those doorways and I haven't yet found anything suitable. If you have any ideas, please tell me.

Pretty much all containers are empty. They don't respawn though, so you should be pretty safe keeping your stuff in them if you want to take over one of the houses.

Version History

0.1 Alpha - Interior and exterior cells, placeholder NPCs only, no dialogue etc

0.8 Beta - NPCs with AI and schedules - New cells - Starting quests

0.8 Beta fix1 - Added Von Djangos' awesome daedric mask to the High Priest - Fix for priestess finding the item bug - Added quickstart option ("coc damaraskstart")

0.85 Beta2 - Main square shrunk, new buildings added around it - New NPCs - New schedules for existing NPCs - New arena fights - Many bugfixes - Tweaked cells, lighting - Two new quests - Open Cities compatibility

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Download 'damarask_beta2_0.85.rar' (10.33MB)

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