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Delfini 0.1v [Alpha] created by - [Myth|cz] About This sea side village/Imperial training camp island. It has both a small community which provides the army camp with food, supplies etc. The camp is to train legion super soliders to protect the empire from any future attacks on Cyrodiil and the rest of the empire. The camp was decided to be made by the surviving blades who recived the order of Martin himself before he left for the Imperial city to take on Dagon. This island ONLY has Imperials on it.

The island is located off the coast of Anvil, the only way to it is by a portal from Kvatch, placed there because it just seemed like no normal person would go back there after what happened. Also because its meant to be sort of a secret island theres no island drawen on the map, saving me time having to do it!!

This Version 0.1v [Alpha] - Is just the island, with trees and houses. Many things to be done. No interiors for houses yet.

Install Simply unrar in the 'Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data' file. Since this is an alpha there are no voices or textures so its pretty easy.

Issues - Doors on houses are walk through so you can go inside of them. - Grass clipping buildings

Note This mod will ONLY be kept being made if the public support it. So please comment at the release thread found here.

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