Dwarf Race

Behold, the Dwarves have arrived, an ancient, near extinct race of short beardy people. This race is great fun to try out, as the Dwarf race...

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File Description

Behold, the Dwarves have arrived, an ancient, near extinct race of short beardy people. This race is great fun to try out, as the Dwarf race is considerably over-stated in some areas, and weaker elsewhere, but with the right training, can be unstoppable foes.

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This mod is my first mod, and their are a few hitches (explained later). To install, just
extract the TES file 'Cat_Fuzz - -- - -- - Dwarf' to 
C//:Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data. file

So long as no other race changing mods are used in conjunction, it should work fine. To

play, just cross the Dwarf mod in the 'Data Files' before play.

Known Issues
You can't start the game as a Dwarf, unless you fancy prison life. The only way to become

a dwarf is in the race selection bit before leaving the sewers

You can only select your choice of hair and eye colour by selecting it as a High Elf first.

In other words, click race, then go to High Elf (via Imperial). pick the hair type and eye

colour from here. go back to race and click left for dwarves. They should match the High

elf selection, I dunno why this is, but I have a limited modding skill, and am currently

working on changing this 

It's not a bug, but it should be noted that Dwarves don't swim well, their size prevents 

them from swimming on the waters surface... you'll see what I mean. 

The copywright bit

All rights and so on to Bethesda Softworks and everyone involved in the making of this 
sweet-ass game.

Also BIG thanks to the following modders and all involved respectively
for mods used in screenies. They are:

Natural environments
Crowded roads
Oscuro's Overahaul

Any not mentioned but seen, thanks to you too

As for this mod, jus throw in my name n I'll be cool with whatever you do with it.

E-mail me Son.of.Cat_Fuzz AT hotmail.co.uk for any questions or stuff or leave comments

on what to improve upon.

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