Dwarven Smashing Sword

Here, we have an update to the Dwemer Smashing Sword by Jellew.

Apparently this only adds an Icon; DON'T believe the screenshots,...


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Here, we have an update to the Dwemer Smashing Sword by Jellew.

Apparently this only adds an Icon; DON'T believe the screenshots, they lie! Well, actually the file just came with the old screenshots; so don't write in complaining that there isn't an Icon, because there is!

For the rest of the description, I'll quote Humble:

Who here likes Dwarven weapons? Personally I do, they have a cool colour, are made by such a mysterious race (thanks Morrowind!) and can make your character look pretty awesome. For those of you who enjoy my passion, this mod by a newcomer here, Jellew, is just for you! The mod is a remodel of the Dwarven claymore, into a a bashing sword, intended to beat your enemies into a pulp in the most stylish way possible! There are some issues that have been confessed from the author however, there is no icon for the item yet and physics haven't yet been added BUT these things will be fixed in an update, coming soon! So if you would lke some new Dwarven weapons, then this is your mod!

Download and enjoy!



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Download 'dwarven_smashing_sword_1.1.zip' (231KB)

Dwemer Smashing Sword 1.1 by JelleW, first mod I post, second version (added the Icon)

where to find:
buy it at "a fighting chance" in the Imperial city

I modelled the entire sword and I used the textures from the vanilla Oblivion Dwarven Claymore, I uv-mapped them myself.
Does not yet have HAVOK-collission, this doesnt mean you cant kill with it: it only means you cant throw it, and if you
remove it from your inventory it will just act as a paintbrush, floating in the air.  

installation instructions:
just unzip the file to a temporary location and copy the Data map to the Oblivion map.

legal stuff:
if you want, use the sword in your mod as long as you give me credit for the uv-mapping and the model, you dont have to let 
me now if you are only using the model. You may only use the sword if you dont edit it, if you give me credit, and if you dont
sell it. If you REALY want to edit my model, just mail me at jellewmods@live.nl 

have fun!

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