Elemental Summon Amulets

This mod adds three summoning amulets to the game. They can be purchased from Hamlof Red-Tooth at the Red Diamond Jewlery shop in the Imperi...

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File Description

This mod adds three summoning amulets to the game. They can be purchased from Hamlof Red-Tooth at the Red Diamond Jewlery shop in the Imperial City Market District. I have also added some more jewels to a "new" merchants chest so he can offer you gems to power the amulets. They types of amulets are as follows.

Frost Atronach Amulet: Summons a Frost Atronach by your side by equipping the amulet with one flawless diamond, two regular diamonds, or four flawed diamonds.

Flame Atronach Amulet: Summons a Flame Atronach by your side by equipping the amulet with one flawless ruby, two regular rubys, or four flawed rubys.

Storm Atronach Amulet: Summons a Storm Atronach by your side by equipping the amulet with two gold nuggets, four silver nuggets, or one gold nugget and two silver nuggets.

Once your Atronach is spawned you can activate him and give him orders to Follow, stay, or dismiss. You can change his orders at any time by activating him again. If you choose to dismiss him he will be removed from the world, and you will have to have more gems to summon another one.

You can summon as many as you like by re-equipping the amulet, but having more than one at a time may degrage game performance. I have run all over Tamriel with one of each type in tow, battling everything that comes along, and have only experienced a few random crashes. The Atronach will defend you from all attackers, but can get carried away, and start attacking innocent people also. As long as the player is in combat mode (when you hear the combat music) they will fight anything around. They are leveled 5 levels below the player, and they all have heal self spells, and modified speed attributes so they can keep up with the player. They will follow you on fast travel too without any problems. After a battle they will useually stop to heal themselves. During this time they will not follow the player, so it's best to wait for them, or use wait for one hour to heal them completely.

In my testing Using three of them I was able to clear oblivion gates, attack and kill every guard in populated cities, and pretty much wipe out anything that came along without having to swing a weapon myself. None of the Atronach died during this testing either. They are extremely tough. This is ment to be just a fun type mod not necessirilary geared tword serious play. It is a companion mod of sorts I guess.

The reason I made this mod was because the problems people had with summoning Atronach in the FrostCraigTower mod. Those Atronach will only fight certain attackers, for instance if the player resists arrest they will just stand and watch the guards wack away at you. Or if a highway man comes along and you tell him to try to take the money, once again the FrostCraig Atronach just stand there while you fight. There were also issues with people losing the ability to find or summon after giving their Atronach a wait command. So this mod attempts to fix those issues, and add the option of permanent summons for people that don't even have FrostCraig.

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