Eye Of Nirn

The Eye Of Nirn Mod Tourans Tower is initially next to the bridge into the Arcane University The rooms in the tower are Lounge, display ro...

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File Description

The Eye Of Nirn Mod Tourans Tower is initially next to the bridge into the Arcane University The rooms in the tower are Lounge, display room, alchemy lab, bedroom and Eye of Nirn on the top floor. There are Display room has 10 display cases and 4 stands for mannequins There is a Spell making and enchanting stations and small alchemy gardens. Use the eye of Nirn to teleport the house to any of the main cities.

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                  Eye of Nirn V1.1
	by CrazyDave


1- Unzip/Extract or copy & paste the contents into your "Oblivion/Data" folder. It may ask you if you want to replace a couple of textures, click yes, don't wory you wont lose anything.

2- When launching the game, select data files and double click this mod.

3- If you have a previous version installed on your computer, this will completely over right it.

2. intro

It is said that when the goddess, Nirn’s twelve realms were destroyed by Padomay, she was inconsolable. She wept for days on end, until Anu, in an attempt to comfort Nirn, created Mundus from the shattered pieces of Nirn’s twelve realms. When Nirn saw this she stopped crying and let one final tear fall into the newly created world. This tear crystallized into The Eye of Nirn, a powerful artifact with the power to take the user anywhere in Nirn’s realm.

Eventually the Eye of Nirn fell into the hands of the Ayleids. Using the it’s power, they quickly conquered the land Cyrodill. In the year 1E 243, the tide of war turned against them. To keep the Eye of Nirn from being used against them, The Ayleid king ordered his most trusted general, Touran, to destroy it.

Touran couldn’t bring himself to destroy the Eye. Instead, he constructed a tower around the Eye of Nirn, and commanded it to travel as far away from Tamriel as possible. Nothing is known about where Touran’s Tower went, or the thousands of lands it’s seen since. But in 3E 433 the Eye of Nirn finally found its way back to Cyrodill. 

3. Mod Description

Location: any where you want, but Tourans Tower is initaly next to the bridge to the arcane university. I wanted to add a quest to get the house, but after a six hundred line script to controll the teliporting, I dont know if I can handle any more scripts. so its free, enjoy.
Its a house mod that you can teleport outside your favorite City! Think about it, any where you want! You can use the Eye of Nirn for travil, or just the ocasional change of scenery. 
Tourans tower includes: 
	1st floor-A seating area to relax after a long day of raiding dungeons, a complete library so you can brush up on your reading, and a dining area. *important note* the containers on the first floor are respawning, dont put any thing in them.
	2nd floor-Your room. includes a bed, seating area, and plenty of safe storage containers.
	3rd floor-An alchemy lab, with a garden, several sets of aperati, a small stockpile of ingredients, containers for all your potions, poisons, and ingredients. And spell making and enchanting stations
	4th floor-A display area for all your favorite things to look at.
	5th floor-Eye of Nirn, the nerv center of Touran's Tower. To use the Eye of Nirn, just use the alter ( you'll know it when you see it), and chose a city from the menue, its that simple.

4. Changes

-moved bedroom down to second floor
-added some more storage
-moved Eye of Nirn to its own world space, so now you can see the real sky
-added effects to Eye of Nirn
-added pathing to interiors
-and a bunch of redecorating

-inital release

5. Credits

Xiamara-for his awsome sofas and chairs

6. Contact Info

Let me know what you think. feel free to contact me at d_mysinger@hotmail.com

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