Fauna of Tamriel

This plugin adds new creatures to The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion.

Most of them are neither harder nor easier to defeat than the ones for...


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This plugin adds new creatures to The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion.

Most of them are neither harder nor easier to defeat than the ones for the original game. However, a few ones can prove to be a challenge, and are meant to keep the game interesting for very-high level characters.

Some of these creatures will provide new achemical ingredients when they're killed.

Be aware that you won't see all those creatures until your character reach a high level (about level 30). If you already have a savegame with a highlevel character, just load it with this plugin activated in the game launcher.

I'm sorry I couldn't include any screenshots because I just can't take any screenshots in Oblivion (although I changed bAllowScreenShot in oblivion.ini. Don't have a clue why this isn't working).


Undeads * Skeleton Warlord * Warrior Spirit * Dark claws * Spectre * Ghoul Lord * Undead Warlock * Immolated Corpse * Animated Armor * Revenant (comes in 3 flavors: warrior, archer and mage) * Lost Soul

Daedra * Flesh Atronach * Ash Atronach * Efreet * Major Scamp * Major Clannfear

Others * Shore crab * Bonesnapper * Giant rat * Gargantuan rat * Giant Slaughterfish * Cave Giant * Hills Giant * Rocks Giant * Skies Giant * Werewolf * Werebear * Kobold (Warrior and archer) * Gnome (Miner and warrior)

OTHER FEATURES: - Minor changes in random treasures on enemy corpses. - Skeletons now have various armor/helmets according to their rank (normal/guardian/hero/champion) so they're easily recognizable. - ILevCreaLevelDifferenceMax increased. This means that if you're level 25 (for instance) you won't fight only creatures of levels near 25, but also creatures from lower levels. Example: Unless fighting only daedroth and daedra spiders, you will also run into the occasional Scamp or Clannfear. This adds more diversity to the game, and avoid some creatures becoming "obsolete" when you level up.

TODOS FOR BETA VERSION 2: - Make new ingredients purchasable from alchemists in towns. - Create new spells to summon new daedras and undeads. - Ability for werewolves to contaminate player

KNOWN BUGS: None. If you find any, please mail me.

NOTICE: You may create new plugins based on this one, just mail me about it and give me some credit in your creations.

This plugin can be distributed on any support as long as this file (readme.txt) is included.


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