Flee Further

This simple mod adds more realism to the game by making the NPC's flee much further than before.


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This simple mod adds more realism to the game by making the NPC's flee much further than before.

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Flee Further
Version 1.0
Author: Dark Monk

In vanilla Oblivion, if you were far enough away, you could shoot deer and other creatures and they wouldn't move even if you hit them.  This is unrealistic and unchallenging.  I've modified a gameplay setting so that they run much further away from you before feeling safe again.  With this mini mod, when you shoot them with arrows from far away, they will flee instead of just standing there.  Now, you really have to be a good hunter and sneak up on creatures to get them.

fFleeDistanceExterior determines how far actors have to be away from you when they flee before they feel safe again and stop.  The default distance is 2000 units.  However, a good marksman can actually hit a target from 4000-4500 units away.  This means that when you are over 2000 units away and shoot the deer with your arrow, it won't flee because it thinks it's safe.  This mod remedies that.

Move "Flee Further.esp" to your Oblivion\Data directory and enable the mod under "Data Files" in the Oblivion start screen.

Should be compatible with almost all mods as it only changes the fFleeDistanceExterior setting.

1.0 - Changed fFleeDistanceExterior to 5000.  Original value is 2000.  This setting should be just far enough away so your arrows can't reach them.

If there is not enough space for the creature to get far enough away from you, it will keep running around.  This is realistic because they are in panic mode and should keep running even if there is nowhere to go!

As the creatures will now flee a lot further away, this may affect NPC hunters ability to hunt deer!

May adjust the interior fleeing distance.

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