Floating Platforms

What we have here is a nifty floating platform of a house.

It's well organized, un-cluttered, and has a few unique items for your charact...

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File Description

What we have here is a nifty floating platform of a house.

It's well organized, un-cluttered, and has a few unique items for your character to enjoy, such as: a custom Doomstone and some 'cool gadgets'. Good for characters who don't like the fluff a normal house mods.

For a first mod from this author, I'd say it's a fine job.

Download an enjoy! And try not to fall off. ;)


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Re-Upload Request Restoration

      ------------------------ Floating Platforms ------------------------
                                              by CobraUnit42


       -1.0  -  Everything fine so far (not submitted yet).
       -1.1  -  Fixed Ruin Script.
       -1.2  -  Fixed some placement glitches


	Floating Platforms is a mod that creates a reasonable sized floating platform or house with no walls, ceiling, and is suspended a couple
thousand feet in the air. It contains very organized containers, a Doomstone that has a cool effect that I created myself including script which I
suck at, I made some cool gadgets that you can find on and near the desk I placed. I originally made this for myself but since this was the first type
of cool mod that I made I wanted to see how people would react to it. I recommend this mod to a person that likes to be organized, likes heights, and
likes custom magic/doomstone/potion effects. Also there's no quests involved (some may like this fact or not).

                             -Finding Everything-
	The entrance is rather easy to find. Go out the Imperial city House, make a right, and go near the shallow water. The Floating platforms themselves
are located over top of the Haracine Grove (the one with the Unicorn). I did not put any items in secret locations so you should not have to search
hard to find them in Floating Platforms.


	You should have no problem downloading anything. I did not add any new textures or meshes. All you have to do is put the .esp File in
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data or where ever your Data file is at.


	Before the 1.2 you would spawn inside the door.


	-Me; for making this
	-TES:Construction Site
	-All the people who made this great game possible
	-Fraps for making the screenshots possible

                             -Contact Me-
	You can contact me by posting comments at Filefront: Oblivion (where you downloaded this)
And also at the Filefront Forums.


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