Gilded (Golden) Armour



This is some Gilded Steel Armour I made.

I know this has (sort of) been done before, but I like the shades of gold better on this armour than on any existing Gold Armour mod.

Also, the buckles etc aren't all random colours. It's all gold-ish-trimmed. Even the buckles ;D

The biggest part of this mod is the new helmet!

I edited the original Steel Helmet mod in 3DSMax 9, and closed it up a bit. There is also an existing closed steel helmet mod, but I didn't use that at all in my work.

I actually took a different approach - without a visor.

I simply welded the bottom segments together, and closed the eye-gap up a little, moving the beak out as I did so. I am very pleased with how it came out!

- Imperial Ace




Gilded Steel Armour by Imperial Ace



Extract the "Data" folder and the ".ESP" file within this archive to your main Oblivion folder/directory.

Enable the ESP from OBMM or your launcher. Loading this last in the order is best!

Where to find the armour:

The basement of "A Fighting Chance" in the Imperial City Market District. But be careful, the armour
is owned by the owner of the shop - so don't get busted!

Known bugs:


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