Gilded (Golden) Steel Mod (2.0b)



This is an update to my previous Gilded Armour mod. Because I added a sword, I have now changed the title of this mod.

I have made a couple of fixes to the ESP, which means if you downloaded the previous version - you'll have to get rid of the old ESP file and use this one. This means you'll probably have to go and lockpick Rossan's shop again, no big deal. Armour is in the basement - you know the drill.

I have added a shield with a custom mesh as well as a sword with a two-toned blade. It looks quite nice!

I have also fixed/updated all the menu icons.

Anyway, have fun with this equipment :) it's not the strongest, but you can always go and enchant it. It's mainly for looks, and has the same stats as regular steel (but is slightly heavier and a little more valuable).

- Imperial_Ace




Gilded Steel Mod (2.0b) by Imperial Ace



Extract the "Data" folder and the ".ESP" file within this archive to your main Oblivion folder/directory.

Enable the ESP from OBMM or your launcher. Loading this last in the order is best!

(If you have the old version - 0.1a - please delete the old ESP file. Everything else can be left and overwritten.)

Where to find the Armour and Sword:

The basement of "A Fighting Chance" in the Imperial City Market District. But be careful, the armour and sword
are owned by Rossan, the owner of the shop - so avoid getting busted!

Known bugs:


Updates from 1.0a:

All gilded steel items retextured to get closer to being 'golden' in hue.

Fine Gilded Steel Longsword added with a dual-tone blade.

Gilded Steel Shield added with a custom mesh.

All gilded items now have custom icons, gold in hue and reflecting the shapes of the
helm and shield (custom meshes) much more accurately.

Removed one invalid item entry from the ".ESP" file.

".ESP" file now contains an author and description tag, so that the mod says something more interesting
when it is activated :P

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