Goblin Wars

NOTES: This mod does not break any quests or inadvertently affect normal gameplay.

This mod modifies the scripts and AI related to the 7...

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File Description

NOTES: This mod does not break any quests or inadvertently affect normal gameplay.

This mod modifies the scripts and AI related to the 7 Goblin Tribes of Cyrodiil. Those are the:

Bloody Hand tribe of Cracked Wood Cave. Rock Biter tribe of Timberscar Hollow. Skull Breaker tribe of Wenderbek Cave. White Skin tribe of Goblin Jim's Cave. Dust Eater tribe of Barren Mine. Three Feather tribe of Plundered Mine. Sharp Tooth tribe of Derelict Mine.

Each tribe owns a Goblin Totem Staff. By stealing a totem staff from one tribe and placing it in another tribe's lair, you can instigate war. At 6 PM every day the War Chief of each tribe will determine whether or not their totem has been stolen. In the case of a missing totem, the War Chief will set out on an excursion to retrieve the tribe's lost staff. All of the goblins save for the shaman will accompany him. After the tribe's totem is retrieved, the skirmishers will stay behind for a short time to search for an enemy totem. They will pick up any totems within a search radius of their location and escort them to their own lair.

If the tribe's shaman dies, the tribe will fall into disarray and lose hope of recovering their totem. The shaman /does not/ respawn. All other goblins will respawn when their cell is refreshed (3 days after the player last visits it).

As of this version, you do not have to place the totem in another tribe's lair. You can place it anywhere in Cyrodiil and the owning tribe will still attempt to retrieve it. By placing the totems of multiple tribes in the same location, you can draw out the tribes to a meeting point where conflict will occur.


This version of Goblin Wars is BETA and is highly untested. To aid in the debugging of this mod I have done two things. One, I have enabled debugging messages. When important events happen related to the Goblin Wars you will get a message on your screen informing you of the circumstances, all of these messages will be prefixed by the string "DEBUG:". Two, I have included a small additional mod titled "book_stat_hacks.esp". This mod attaches a script to the book named "On Oblivion". When this book is activated, all of your attributes are maxed as well as most of your skills. This makes it easier to start a new game quickly for the sake of testing. Please post all feedback and results while using this mod on the appropriate forums.

How to start a new game quickly

Start a new game, skip the intro, and name your character. Do not bother changing his race, gender, or face, etc. As soon as you have control, bring down the console by hitting the "~" key. Now type 'togglemapmarkers 1', then 'coc testinghall'. After the loading screen, you will be placed in a room with many doors. Check your map to find the room "Book Warehouse", go there now. On the first table you will come across, there is a green book named "On Oblivion". If you've installed "book_stat_hacks.esp", activating it will max all of your stats. Now exit the room, and find the door in the center of the testing hall to "Hawkhaven", from here, you can fast travel back into Cyrodiil and visit the goblin caves. I recommend using the command "tgm" to enable God Mode, this will compensate from the inevitable fall damage of maximized acrobatics.


To install this mod, copy the goblin_wars.esp file into C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data. When you launch Oblivion, click the "Data Files" menu and checkmark the esp file's box. Launch the game normally.

Changes since BETA 2

Changed AI flags to prevent scenarios in which the War Chief would reach an objective and give up on it.

Reordered the Skirmisher AI so that they cannot pick up their home totem before the War Chief does.

Changes since BETA 1

Fixed a glitch in which Goblin Skirmishers would attempt to steal a totem staff from their own lair.

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