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Small mod that makes the blood look more gory, On the modules, walls and floors. (Changed how the blood looks..Blah!)

Changes? v1.09c >...


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Small mod that makes the blood look more gory, On the modules, walls and floors. (Changed how the blood looks..Blah!)

Changes? v1.09c >Fixed Blood Changing or disappearing from a distance. >Slight Color Change. V1.09b >Name Change. >Reworked readme. >Changed Splatter effects. V1.09a >Further fixed the black lines appearing near decals. V1.08 >Fixed decals making a cycle on the ground when fighting people. >Fixed black lines appearing with the decals. (Should be gone now) >Remade textures and added more replacements. >Adjusted blood color. >Added a alternate fixed version of the 1.0 blood ---| |--- Install? To install put the zip into the oblivion directory and right click and Extract here... OR Move the content inside the effects folder of this mod into \Oblivion\Data\textures\effects If there are no folders there create them. "No datafile activation required." ---| |--- v1.0 Fixed? (Alternate option) If you want the 1.0 fixed version blood then move the files inside .../textures/effects/v1.0 Fixed to the effects folder and replace them. ---| |--- Uninstall? remove the following inside the effects folder and the 1.00 fix folder. blood01 - blood06 bloodagak blooddecal ---| |--- Want more blood? Follow these steps. (Will also add blood on weapons and makes them last longer) Go into: \Documents and Settings\[User]\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion

Open: Oblivion.ini with notepad

find the following: (Ctrl+F) bUseThreadedBlood= bDecalsOnSkinnedGeometry= fDecalLifetime= iMaxDecalsPerFrame= fMinBloodDamage=

*If its not there add the the line anywhere*

Then change the numbers after it to like: fDecalLifetime=999 iMaxDecalsPerFrame=999 fMinBloodDamage=0.0001 bUseThreadedBlood=1 bDecalsOnSkinnedGeometry=1 (If you have a lower end pc you may want to lower the settings of decallifetime and maxdecalsperframe to something below 20 or 30) ---| |--- Problems?? -Blood not showing up, same old blood.- Delete your archiveinvalidation.txt inside the data folder. get Oblivion mod manager(http://timeslip.chorrol.com/obmm_download.html) -Start OBMM. -Click Utilities. -Select Archive invalidation. -Click Directly Edit BSAs. -Check Textures. -Check Generate archiveinvalidation entries on hash collision. -Click the checkbox for autoupdate on exit and/or click Update Now. -Close the Archive invalidation popup (click the red X in the upper-left corner). -Quit OBMM or click Launch Oblivion. Or Your decal blood setting is not high, your ini file is not changed, make sure the files are in here: Oblivion/Data/textures/effects, Oblivion will sometimes won't display the decals at all and sometimes it will. -How come the blood still last 10 seconds?- The ini file will reset the fDecalLifetime when you change something in your option or sometimes it will just do that on its own. Just change the number to what ever number you had before. -Blood Flickers- I have no control over this. The game will just seem to do this when there is more then what the default number of decals that are on the screen. Defaultly it still flickered but it wasn't as noticeable. This is mostly accures while in caves. -OMG the poor kitty :(.... Well, I didn't do it the guards did... and its not beheaded!! XE. ---| |--- The Future? Those are just future plans that don't seem to be working out correctly. -Increase the blood particle effect when they get hit by a weapon. Like if you hit someone it in the face with your sword there will be decals right there where you hit them. -Fix the current textures if needed. -Change the behavior of some of the blood FX, Gibing.(Seems impossible at the moment.)

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