Grand Hall

This mod adds an Asian-style grand hall to the game


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This mod adds an Asian-style grand hall to the game

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This modification adds a copy of the Cloud Temple "asian-style" building (where I changed the Great Hall into a house for the Player) and alters several ponds in the adjoining areas of wilderness at the "Charok's Grand Hall" fast travel icon I've made in the The West Weald (it's in the middle of the map to the south).  When you are inside the Hall you can still use the fast travel map.

Bugs or game breaks

Version 1.1
>Fixed a graphics glitch with a painting and the direction of a waterfall spray.
>Deleted the smoke/fog effect to help FPS.

Version 1.2
>Fixed a disappearing hanging sword glitch.
>Deleted ambient lighting that didn't make a brightness difference anyway.
>Added/deleted some models to make the hall look better

Version 1.3
>Fixed floating rocks and trees behind the Hall (thanks Brian)
>added wall under table to stop items from going under table and being trapped
>added new objects
>put new pictures on showing some of the changes

Version 1.4
>Hopefully fixed the crash to desktop error people are getting since my update on 4/22/06.

Version 1.5
>Couldn't find solution to crash to desktop problem so I took an older version that I know to be good and fixed some things but didn't add any of the new "pretty" objects or anything else new except 4 display cases.  Therefore the crash to desktop bug should now be fixed.  Unfortunately, I can't have some of those cool lighting extras I put in before.  Oh, well.  This is my LAST update because that error as been a pain in the butt.  Anyway, enjoy.

Unzip the included file to "Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data" folder.  Remember to enable
the ESP file in OblivionLauncher.exe!

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