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Removes or Modifies 3D Art for Flora Objects when searched for ingredients. The Original Artwork returns after the Cell Resets. No Gameplay...


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Removes or Modifies 3D Art for Flora Objects when searched for ingredients. The Original Artwork returns after the Cell Resets. No Gameplay elements have been altered in ANY way. This is a final so it is the final version of this mod

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Download 'dejharvestflorav2.1.zip' (3.91MB)

##      The Elder Scrolls IV
##            OBLIVION
##      Harvest [Flora] MOD v2.1 Final

Release : 2006.06.01
Filename: DEJ Harvest - Flora.bsa ----------- ( contains all art required for the -Full- ESP )
Filename: DEJ Harvest - Flora.esp ----------- ( the intended -Full- ESP )
Filename: DEJ Harvest - Flora - LITE.esp ---- ( removes rather than modifes flora 3D Art )
Filename: DEJ Harvest - Flora - STOP.esp ---- ( gradually ends dependency on the Harvest MOD )
Filename: DEJ Harvest - Flora - (CPU).esp --- ( alternate -Full- ESP, see below )
Filename: DEJ Harvest - Flora - CleanUp.bat - ( If necessary, see below )
Filename: DEJ Harvest - Flora - LIST.txt ---- ( List of Modified and Removed Flora )
Filename: DEJ Harvest - Flora - README.esp -- ( This Document )

Authors : DrangonFireSG + -Dejunai
Contact : dejunai@dejunai.com
URL     : http://oblivionharvest.googlepages.com/
Topic   : http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=461826


This MOD Removes or Modifies the 3D Art associated with FLORA objects, after
the plant has been searched for ingredients.

It is purely a visual tweak.

No Gameplay elements have been altered in ANY way. All visual changes are
restored to game originals when the "Cell Resets".

This is Regardless of which ESP is used.



- DEJ Harvest - Flora.esp
--- Is the Final ESP. It delivers all of the features as intended.

- DEJ Harvest - Flora - LITE.esp
--- Removes and Never Modifies 3D Art work, as plants are searched they disappear
--- from the gameworld, and return when the &quot;Cell Resets&quot;.
--- This Version Does Not Require the BSA File.

- DEJ Harvest - Flora - STOP.esp
--- Can be used at any point to stop dependency on the Harvest [Flora] MOD.
--- Will gradually transition users of any Harvest [Flora] MOD back to
--- Vanillia Oblvion.
--- Strictly for users that need to restore Vanillia Oblivion or those
--- that want to use a different Flora MOD that is not within the Harvest suite,
--- prior to changing MODs.
--- This Version Does Not Require the BSA File.

- DEJ Harvest - Flora - (CPU).esp
--- This version of the MOD is strictly for Super CPUs. Dont Have One = Done Use It.
--- At the time of this writing, 3.2GHz HyperThreaded CPUs and similar are about 20%
--- of the market, AMD x64 processors make up the next 10%... spill left spill right
--- In the future this will be the MOD of choice. I just dont plan on supporting the
--- MOD for [2] years. So here is the abusive CPU version for when the time comes,
--- but seriously only use it when you have the CPU to support it.

--- This version of the MOD is designed help eliminate the &quot;Blink&quot; that occurs 
--- during the transition between &quot;Original Meshes&quot; and &quot;Harvest Meshes&quot;.
--- If you use it and still have &quot;Blink&quot;, the original ESP is your best choice, period.
--- See below for proper implementation.

--- If you choose to use this High-End CPU version, You must delete the original MOD.
--- Delete &quot;DEJ Harvest - Flora.esp&quot;, the original is still in the ZIP archive.
--- Rename the &quot;DEJ Harvest - Flora - (CPU).esp&quot; to &quot;DEJ Harvest - Flora.esp&quot;,
--- If you fail to do so, the BSA will be unable to provide the 3D Art as required.

Your Needs :
If you want: Harvest with...
&quot;Removal Only&quot; use : &quot;DEJ Harvest - Flora - LITE.esp&quot;
-- Visit the topics in the official forums, if you need more help.

&quot;Move to Vanillia Oblivion&quot; use : &quot;DEJ Harvest - Flora - STOP.esp&quot;
-- If you need to move away from the Harvest [Flora] MOD, whether
-- it be in order to use a new MOD that affects FLORA or to return
-- to Vanillia Oblivion, this MOD needs to be used to get everything
-- in line for the change over. If your ultimate intention is to
-- only return to Vanillia Oblivion, you can use the STOP ESP as
-- long as you want, it has no impact on Vanillia Oblivion.

&quot;The Real Deal&quot; use : as directed... &quot;DEJ Harvest - Flora.esp&quot;
-- Every feature as described is available 

&quot;Kinda 'Blinky' can I Fix It?&quot; : If you have the CPU horse power,
--- Rename the &quot;DEJ Harvest - Flora - (CPU).esp&quot; to the same name
--- as the BSA, overwrite or delete the existing file MOD
--- &quot;DEJ Harvest - Flora.esp&quot;. If your machine has the required
--- attributes, you'll see an improved transition from the
--- &quot;Original Meshes&quot; to the &quot;Harvest Meshes&quot;.

See Conflict Known Details ( if any ) Below.

This MOD affects every FLORA object in game. Due to complications beyond our
control this MOD will conflict with ANY MOD that also alters any property of
ANY FLORA object. This includes MODs that offer 'Seasonal' Harvest, or alter
The original ingredients of the FLORA objects.

This MOD will conflict with any Previous Version of this MOD. You MUST
UNSELECT any previous version prior to using the ESP included in this MOD.
This includes the VAEDEJ MOD ( with Skill Based Harvest ), And Vae's
orignial MOD.

This MOD conflicts with BurnigToad's autoHarvest MOD. ( and always will )

Using any MOD that alters the GameSetting &quot;iHoursUntilCellReset&quot; will alter
this MOD. However it is NOT a conflict. The FLORA objects will respawn on the
new schedule set by the new MOD altering &quot;iHoursUntilCellReset&quot; variable.

Mushrooms and other FLORA that would not necessarilly leave remiants behind
when harvested are REMOVED from the gameworld when searched for ingredients.
Flowers and Crops along with all other FLORA are Modified to new custom NIFs
after being searched. The replacement MESHES and TEXTURES are available in
the Required BSA file.

Replacement Meshes and Textures were customized from original in game
meshes and textures. Most of which were created by HEXediting the originals
and a few other which were altered by NIFskope.
-- http://niftools.sourceforge.net

Every FLORA object that did not already have a script has been given a
script. Oblivion FLORA objects that already had Bethesda scripts have been
given modified scripts which include Bethesda's Original code.

There are two types of scripts. One removes FLORA, One modifies FLORA.
The script types are very simliar. And within the types each script is
Identical execpt for the specifics of the plant it is attached to.

Harvest v2.x makes extensive use of the REFERENCE system.

Updating from Harvest v1.0 will cause no serious problems.

Harvest v2.x makes use of different objects than Harvest v1.0 which will
result in visual anomallies.

When Updating... ( always best to update when in a cell interior )
-- 1> If you are in a cell with already harvested FLORA, their Harvested
----- Meshes will no longer be visible ( fixed on cell reset )
-- 2> If you harvest FLORA already in your cell, ( from the saved game )
----- They will simply be removed, rather than being transitioned to the
----- Harvested Meshe. ( fixed on cell reset )

This effect is temporary, and only affects saved games where you are in
the process of harvesting a cell. New games are unaffected.

DO NOT Install this MOD without a complete understanding of what it does.
If you are uncertain please visit http://oblivionharvest.googlepages.com/

DO NOT Install this MOD without first backing up your current game.

Installation: Is Simple. Extract the included ESP and BSA to your ...Oblivion/Data...
-- Directory. Run the Oblivion Launcher an UNSELECT any previous version of
-- the MOD, then SELECT The current version of this MOD.
-- NOTE --
-- You no longer need the files from Harvest v1.0 ( see below )

Uninstallation: This MOD makes changes to the Gameworld. Abrupt Uninstallation
-- Will affect the Gameworld permanently. Harvested FLORA, removed or modified
-- will NEVER respawn if an abrupt uninstallation is attempted.
-- Please use the DEJ Harvest - STOP.ESP by UNSELECTING the currently used MOD
-- and SELECTING the STOP version, this is done
-- Under the DATA FILES section of the Oblivion Launcher. Play the Game
-- for a reasonable amount of time, visting cells you have Harvested, and wish
-- to Harvest again... Ensuring they have respawned properly. When you are
-- satisfied that the FLORA is unaffected by the script you were using,
-- Uninstall it by DESELECTING DEJ Harvest - STOP.ESP from the DATA FILES
-- in the Oblivion Launcher.

Deletion of Files: After following the above proceedure. You may delete any
-- ESP begining with &quot;DEJ Harvest*&quot; ( if you are using or have used the VAEDEJ MOD it
-- may also be deleted ). Any NIF file in ...Oblivion/Data/Meshes/Plants...
-- begining &quot;DEJ_&quot; may also be delted. Any DDS including &quot;_n.DDS&quot; in the
-- folder ...Oblivion/Data/Texture/Plants... begining with &quot;DEJ&quot; may be
-- deleted. Please NOTE textures do NOT have an underscore.

Changes :
v0.1 Script attached to Only Flora, respawn set to 35 Days.
v0.2 Script polished, Respawn changed to 3 Days, Attached to Clams.
v0.3 Script rewritten to use 'OnReset' Function for Flora.
     Script removed from Clams.
     New Script specific to Clams. Built as seperate ESP.
     There are two test Flora Objects
     1. A Grape Vine at Surilie Vineyard,
        will not remove the vine, just the grapes from the vine.
        See ScreenShot @ http://oblivionharvest.googlepages.com/
     2. A Morning Glory Vine near the Skingrad East Gate,
        will not remove the vine, just the blossoms from the vine.
        See Screenshot @ http://oblivionharvest.googlepages.com/
v0.4 Seperate scripts added to Grape Vines, and each of the [4] Morning
     Glory types. This defeats the entire removal of the plant, and only
     removes the grapes from the grape vines, and the blossoms from the
     Morning Glories. The Clam script has been updated to now include the
     original sound effect of opening a clam. ( it is still an optional addon )
v0.5 Developed new method for 'modifying' the Flora to represent an already
     harvested plant. Applied this method to Grape Vines, and added Flax,
     Corn and Strawberries.
     Screenshots available @ http://oblivionharvest.googlepages.com/
v0.51 Minor Update to ensure proper removal of 'Harvested Meshe' Objects,
      So that references aren't persistent.
v0.55 More Flora added to Modified List, Morning Glories no longer use Bethesda Statics.
v0.60 More Flora added to Modified List.
v0.70 Last of the Flora added to the Modified List. Modify-Method changed
      for Crop style Flora ( due to the release of NifTools 0.8.1 )
v0.71 Fixed minor scripting error. Add 'Lite' Alternative ESP.
v0.72 Public Relase with updated Readme.TXT and FloraList.TXT
v0.73 Minor ( non-critical ) touch-up to the 'Lite' and 'STOP' versions.
v0.74 Updated Harvested NIFs for Foxglove and Blackberry Bushes, Updated Readme.
v0.75 Fixed Typo on AloeVeraEmpty Description.
v1.00 Stamp of Approval, Updates to ReadMe.TXT
v2.00 Total rewrite of the scripts using REFERENCEs. Changed Harvested Meshes
      From Activator objects to Static objects. Addressed issues with FLORA
      Using &quot;Parent's Enable State&quot;. Included proper scaling of Harvested Meshes.
v2.10 Inclusion of Harvest Meshes for Oblivion Plants. Inclusion of BSA Archive.
      Updated [Flora] - ReadMe.txt, Updated [Flora] - LIST.txt

URL   http://oblivionharvest.googlepages.com/

Harvest v2.0 was scripted by DragonFireSG. He single handedly used my notes to
rewrite every script and add several dozen more for effectiveness.  He participated
in the research that made Harvest v2.0 possible. He is the soul of Harvest v2.0.

This MOD would not have been possible without Ghostwheel's BSA Extractor
( http://www34.brinkster.com/ghostwheel/ )
Nor would it have been possible without the release of NifTools v0.8.x
( http://niftools.sourceforge.net/ )

The BSA was created using BSA Commander v0.97 by Vasiliy.
( http://letalka.sourceforge.net/morr/index.htm )

Much thanks to both the team for NifTools, Vasiliy and Ghostwheel.

Also the BETA testers: ( I hope mentioning them by Elder Scroll forum Nicks is OK )
5H4RP, Kralore, Vincent Wyrmwing

Modification Techniques:
The modified Flora are HEXedited copies of the original Flora, from the Bethesda
BSA files extracted with Ghostwheel's utility. The modified NIFs are now pointing to
modified textures which were edited to contain altered ALPHA Channel data.

The actual models are unaltered. The textures were edited in most cases, to remove
the blossoms of flowers by altering the ALPHA channel so that the portion of the
texture where the blossom was located became transparent. In several cases,
where possible the leaves of the texture were also manipulated or removed.

Certain Crop NIFs did not allow for transpearency, and the necessary Data-Tree
within the NIF was instead flagged as HIDDEN using NifTools v0.8.x.

The goal of Modification was to remove enuf pieces of the visible model,
such that it would no longer appear 'ready for harvesting', without the
total removal of the model.

Future versions may include touch-up code if necessary.

Confilt Details:
Vae's MOD:
'Skill Based Harvest' ( skill_based_harvest.ESP ) cannot
be used at the same time with this MOD. Using this MOD after using
Vae's MOD will eliminate the skill based harvest function entirely.

Same is true for the merged MOD VAEDEJ_skillBasedHarvest.ESP,
Which merges v1.0 of the Harvest MOD with Vae's 1.21 version of the
Skill Besed Harvest MOD.

BurningToad's MOD:
'Auto Harvest' ( autoHarvest.ESP ) cannot be used at the same time
with any version of this MOD. However BurningToad did update a version of
his/her MOD to be compatible with v0.3 of this MOD ( as of this writing ).

I offer my support to BurningToad, if he/she needs help, making a compatible MOD.

Any third-party Modder will find it easiest to make BurningToad's MOD
compatible with Harvest [Flora] - LITE.esp

Bottom Line:
Anyone for any reason can use this ESP in development of any MOD.
If you choose to alter the MOD, and need help, feel free to ask.
If you dont change the MOD but include it in your MOD, please
specify us as the original authors. In any other case appropriate
'Thanks' would be appreciated.


If you feel this work has harmed you or your property in someway, We are sorry.
It is clearly not intented to cause harm; We will not be held liable.
Use at your own risk.
Use of this MOD is considered an agreement with the terms of this Disclaimer.

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