Hell on Earth, Cave of the Lost Souls

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About 10 years ago, a group of bandits headed up an old abandoned path into the Kvatch hills. They found the cave to be a rather large system with a good water supply from an underground river system. For 5 years prior to the Daedra invasion, they lived in the cave, building in it to suit thier needs. One day, as one of the younger bandits went to put some lights in the far end if the second level. He worked for an hour, then set his equipment down to have lunch. As he ate, he heard something fall behind him. Turning around, he discovered a passageway to a lost Akavari tunnel complex. Excited, he and his friends went and explored the complex and decided to move all of the bandits equipment to the newly discovered tunnels.

About 5 years ago, the bandits already being well suited to the caves, began to feel, well, crowded. As such, they began to dig deeper into the mountain. After a year of hard work, they finnally breached into a new cavern. But here is where they were lead wrongly. For within the cavern lie an Oblivion tower compound. And here, for thousands of years, the Daedra of the compound lay waiting for the day a fool would reopen the caves. They came swiftly. By the time the moon set all of the bandits lay dead. And to this day, noone has dared enter the cavern for the tales of the Daedra and the tower are still spreading fear to the lands.

Now then, this is only one part of what i hope to be a 4 part series. This ESP contains the Cave of Lost Souls, which you can find by mounting your steed and heading to Kvatch. Apon arrival at Kvatch, (assuming your at the camp facing south) make a left up the road and follow until you find the wooden arch. GO up the hill there and follow the cobble stone path. You should arrive at the caves shortly. If you have the Shattered Mine on your map, you can skip this and fast travel there, head up the hill behind the mine, and make a right on that path to the entrance. This is designed for people with characters above level 9, as the lowest level enemy is 4, highest being is level 56.


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