This mod adds many spells designed to amuse the player and cause havok in the world. You can get the spells from the "Fun With Magic" book o...


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This mod adds many spells designed to amuse the player and cause havok in the world. You can get the spells from the "Fun With Magic" book on a small table in Edgar Vautrine's Discount Spell Shop in the Imperial Market.

This mod changes the DeathForceForceMin and Max values from 35 and 85 to 100 and 250 respectively. This was done to make the Blast Off spells more interesting.

This mod adds a weightless "Broom of the Inconsiderate" to the player's inventory. It's useful for knocking over things owned by NPC's that using the grab button on triggers a stealing flag.

NOTE: Do NOT save a "serious" game while running this mod. Many of the spell effects cannot be reversed, which could have a negative impact.

New Spells in 1.2 POLYMORPH SHEEP - This spell transforms the victim into a sheep. Permanantly.

PICKPOCKET - This spell gives the target a compulsion to acquire as much gold as possible. Use this with the "Hope you got 10 Bux" Spell to make them pickpocket.

SUMMON BANDITS/MARAUDERS - These spells summon a random gang of 6 Bandits or Marauders. Note that Bandits and Marauders attack each other on sight.

SUMMON WEAK GOBLINS - This spell summons a pack of 10 weak goblins who are easily killed by just about anything.

SUMMON TITAN OGRE - This spell summons a giant Titan Ogre. It is immune to spells and highly resistant to weapons. it can be killed, but not without heavy casualties. Sit back and watch!

FOLLOW ME - This makes the target have an irrestible urge to follow you around for 24 hours.

FREE PONY - This spell gives the target a free Pony. The catch is the pony starts high, high above the targets head.

STARK REALITY - Strips a target or group of all their clothing, armor and items. Permanantly.

SUMMON THUNDERSTORM - This calls a magical storm into being. It takes about 90 seconds for the storm to reach its full potential, but it is well worth the wait.

1.1 Update Changes - "Let's Play Catch" has had the "Script Effect Always Applies" flag set to fix a crash bug. - Create Riot has been renamed to Create Long Riot - The changes to DeathForceForceMin and Max have been removed and added to seperate

New spells in 1.1 Create Medium Riot (Target) - The same as the Create Long Riot spell, but with the health restoring effects cut in half.

Create Bloody Riot (Target) - The same as the Create Long Riot spell, but without the health restoring effects.

Knockback (Target) - Throws around physics-enabled objects, but not live NPC's. It does a slight amount of damage in a wide area, but calms in a wide area and heals the targets.

Mudcrab Transfiguration (Target) - Permanantly replaces the target with a mudcrab. This is really, really, potentially game-breaking. Do not save when using it.

Hobbitize (Target) - Reduces the target to half its normal size for 3 minutes.

Gigantism (Target) - Increases the target to twice its normal size for 3 minutes.

Spells from 1.0

Fall Down (Target) - This spell drains the targets fatigue by 500 points for 10 seconds, causing them to instantly collapse. Non-hostile.

Freeze Tag (Target) - This spell paralyzes the target for 10 seconds. Non-hostile.

Fall Downhill (Target) - THis spell is Freze Tag, but for 3 minutes so the target can roll all the way down a hill before the effect wears off.

Create Riot (Target) - For five full minutes, this frenzies everyone in a 100 foot radius, restores their health so they last longer, and turns the player invisible so they can sit back and watch the chaos. This comes in two versions - a long riot with a lot of health regeneratio, and a bloody riot with no health regeneration.

Stop Riot (target) - This spell (in theory) makes everyone stop fighting. Of course, the fighting may have lowered the disposition of the fighters to achother, causing htem to immediately start fighting again.

Instant Fugitive (Target) - For two minutes, this gives the target NPC a fake Grey Fox cowl, a crime gold of 1, and forces them to flee the army of guards that will start chasing them.

Illusory Flames (Target) - This spell wreaths the target in harmless flames for one minute.

Invisible Menace (Target) - This spell turns the target invisible and makes them murderously angry for two minutes, while Illusory Flames allows the caster to clearly see the hilarious antics.

Reanimated Helper (Target) - This spell makes a dead person your very own reanimated helper for 10 minutes.

Curse of M'aiq (Target) - This spell is named after its victim, a Khajiit known as "M'aiq the Liar". He made the mistake of fibbing to a powerful, yet gullible wizard, and when the wizard realized that he had been fooled, he cursed M'aiq to once a day have the irrestible urge to search high and low for Calipers. This spell bestows the same urge on its target for one hour. Use this in conjunction with the "Free Calipers" Spell that is provided.

Free Calipers (Self) - Gives the player 10 Calipers.

Free Apple (Target) - This spell gives the target a nice, shiny apple. It's so tempting that they just can't stop themselves from eating it, right then and there. Then the poison takes effect and they keel over.

Let's Play Catch (Target) - This innocent-sounding spell materializes a large pile of rocks above the target that fall almost immediately. Perfect for weddings and family reunions!

Blast Off (Target) - A 1000 point Shock spell with a giant radius. Blasts enemies and objects a good distance. These are the only spells that are hostile, and using them will give you a bounty and infamy quickly.

Quiet Observation (Self) - Invisibility for 5 minutes on the player.

Dispel Hilarity (Target) - Dispels 300 points in 100 feet of the target.

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