Hunter Sight Enchantments

This mod adds three items- A robe, hood, and a ring, which add the Hunter's Sight Enchantment, a minor spell you get as a vampire. Good for...


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This mod adds three items- A robe, hood, and a ring, which add the Hunter's Sight Enchantment, a minor spell you get as a vampire. Good for those of you who want this spell for your thieving or assasination, but without being a vampire.

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Hunters Sight Enchantments, Made by SavageJedi - 4/15/06  EMAIL :

1 - Explaination
2 - Location
3 - Installation
4 - Legallation

Explaination :

This plugin adds three clothing items into the game, all enchanted with the Vampiric "Hunter's Sight" lesser power enchantment : A black Hood, an Amulet, and a Ring.  They are not weightless, but they weigh very little (the Black Hood I used actually weighs nothing, but since this is a pretty powerful addon, I thought I'd make it weigh a bit)

This gives you the choice of which one you would prefer to wear.  I personly like hoods, and was making this simply to please myself but I thought I'd be nice and share it with everyone as well.  You choose which one you like, then take the rest to the nearest merchant and sell them.  Or keep them in your inventory because certain situations you may run across may require you to wear other enchantments instead, and having that hood may help you when your fingers and neck are full of bling :P

Location :

These arent exactly free, you do have to work for them.  They are all found on a table in the Skingrad Castle "Chamber of the Lost" which is where you go to end the Vampire Cure Quest.  That chamber is sealed until you actually have the cure in your hand, so you'll have to work for it a bit.  I felt that with something this powerful it might be a good idea to at least make you work for it.

For those who've already completed the quest, just go back into that chamber and you'll find them on the table.

Installation :

Place the HunterSightEnchantments.esp file in your Oblivion/Data folder

Legallation :

This is my very first release to the public, I've done others but only for myself, nothing I've made public because I'm selfish :).  It took me 10 minutes to make this mod, and I was burnt after this, I went to bed and slept because it took so much out of me...  Ok no it really didnt, I'm pretty sure anyone with the Construction Set could have made this, but for fun, please include my name if you feel inclined to modify this and then re-release it.  You may do so if you didnt catch that from the last sentence.

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