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Immersive Interface changes the appearance of the main heads-up display to make it smaller, simpler, and less intrusive. Unlike many interf...


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Immersive Interface changes the appearance of the main heads-up display to make it smaller, simpler, and less intrusive. Unlike many interface mods which add custom graphics or a "new look" to the default Oblivion HUD, Immersive Interface was written with the feeling that for players looking for "maximum immersion", a much subtler and more minimal on-screen interface would make the game more immersive without sacrificing the clarity and availability of important game information. It thus attempts to free up screen space so that more of the world is visible, and to take artificial game information slightly outside the player's main field of visual focus. The hope is that this information will still be easy to find at a glance, but will virtually disappear when the player is not looking for it.

Immersive Interface also recognizes that what makes the ideal HUD is often a matter of individual preference. With the 1.0 release, II introduces a wealth of configuration options through the new Immersive Interface Design Assistant, an extremely simple installation tool that allows you a great deal of freedom to design your own HUD. Select a layout, arrange your HUD elements, even turn any aspect of the HUD off with the knowledge that II will automatically arrange elements to eliminate gaps... Best of all, the Design Assistant will automatically maintain backups of your original configuration and your most recent II configuration, so you're free to experiment without worrying about losing an old setup, and without copying and replacing files.


No matter which configuration possibilities you choose--unless you turn the entire HUD off, which is also an option!--the design philosophy of Immersive Interface includes a number of consistent elements, each intendedto keep the HUD out of the way of the game world.

* A small profile: The weapon and spell icons are reduced to half size. The compass is widened, so more directions are visible at once, but dramatically reduced in height. The status bars are also much smaller, and can be set to auto-hide. The spell effect icons are also half-sized, and include graphical timers that replace their default scale.

* Less intrusive positioning: The entire HUD is moved out of the middle of the screen and arranged along the bottom edge, where it covers up as little of the game world as possible without being hard to read.

* A new crosshair: Immersive Interface resizes the crosshair to make it less overbearing without impeding your accuracy with ranged weapons. (The crosshair has been tested and aims to exactly the same location as the default.) II also gives you a smaller sneak icon and choices about where to put it. As of the 1.0 release, II also gives you new choices with respect to the "activate icons" that appear when the crosshair hovers over a chest, a door, a bed, etc. You can use normal-sized large icons, use new half-sized icons that fit perfectly into the center of the sneak icon, or--most immersively of all--turn the activate icons off completely. If you choose the last option, instead of displaying the "red hand" icon, the crosshair itself will subtly turn red to warn you when an action is illegal.

* Compatibility: Immersive Interface is designed to work with as many other interface mods as possible. Thus it takes steps not overlap or crowd areas of the screen reserved for other aspects of the interface (such as the status updates and the text for item info and NPC names) and when a configuration option does present a possible conflict, it will be clearly marked in the Design Assistant. Additionally II does not depend on using a particular font: it will look its best with DarN's excellent font pack, but will work fine with the default fonts as well.

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