Imperial Estate

The Imperial Estate mod is back, and there's something new! Raiden1803 has created an NPC for the house with a schedule. Earanor (the NPC)...

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File Description

The Imperial Estate mod is back, and there's something new! Raiden1803 has created an NPC for the house with a schedule. Earanor (the NPC) barters, and repairs + recharges weapons :D. There's also a small vegetable garden which sits in front of the house. The key to open both the estate house, and the farmhouse is inside the well. The house itself is located near Weye Inn, which is at the end of the big bridge, leading east of the Imperial City.

Download and enjoy!


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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 
   "Imperial Estate" 

Creator : Raiden1803 

Location :  West Of Weye Inn oustide the Imperial City 

Keys : Located inside the well in between the farm house and the stables. 

Cost : Free 

Installation : Unzip Imperial Estate.esp too your oblivion installation’s data folder. 

Then activate the plugin in the data files menu before you launch the game.  

By default the data folder is
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data 

Finally Got around to updating my mod and fix afew things. 

note: this update should not remove any itmes you may already have 
      inside the house. but its always  a good idea to keep a backup
      of your saved game file  just incase. 

Updates :

- Basement  : Added replaced two of the smaller display cases with a large one. 
            : Replaced Trapdoor with a wooden ladder. 

- 1st & 2nd Level : removed clutter from barrels. this should prevent anything from re spawning 
              a month game time later so all barrels should be usable now. 

- Name Change to well cell from 'Imperial Well' too 'Imperial Estate Well' just because it
  bugged the hell out of me. 

- Fixed Black horse names and changed it back to 'Black Horse' 
 sorry, i was testing out adding a black horse too the stable and named it 'shadowstorm', 
 i didn’t like how it returned to the stable constantly every time you jumped off it. 
 didn’t know how to change that so i just took it out and then forgot to rename
 it back. 

- Fixed an issue with clutter respwaning after a month's game time in containers throughout
the house. left 'respawn' checked on some of the containers without knowing, this has been 
corrected. I have gone through every container in the house/farmhouse and unchecked respawn to
correct this issue. 

- Added a small vegetable farm infront of the farmhouse. 

- Added an NPC name'd "Earanor" (for lack of better creativity when it comes to namining..)
who now perminatly occupies and takes care of the  farmhouse.  His Schedual is as followed 
(give or take an hour) 

7am - 12pm : Read in chair infront of fireplace.
12pm -2pm  : Rake Vegetable farm outside of farmhouse
2pm - 10pm : Goes inside the farmhouse, sit's ontop of his chest with services activated
                      services :  Buy/Sell (nothing to buy, but a  he has a sell barter gold of 1200) 
		               :  Recharge Magical Item / Repair Armor and/or Weapons.                          
10pm - 11pm : Eat at dinner table 
11pm - 7am  : Sleep 

other notes :

This is my first NPC so if he acts kindof funny then just let me know. i've followed him around afew times and he seems to do 
what i told him to, aside from the Eat package not working from time to time. one thing i've noticed with him since i set him
to spawn outside is sometimes he doesnt spawn where he's supposed to or where he should be. or in RARE occassions while he 
sleeps another copy of him spawns. this i still havent figgured out, but i only seen that happen once and followed him
around all day twice, didnt seem to happen again once i reloaded my save, but it was still weird...the best way to correct 
him if he doesnt spawn where he's supposed to is to hit 't' and advance an hour, then he will be where he's supposed too.. 

Apparently their is a strange issue regarding misc/clutter items around the house. if you drag & drop for example a plate 
and set it nicely on a table, afew days later it will 'sink through' the table then eventualy go right through it,
then the house. now this doesnt happen with weapons/armor. but its still annoying as hell and i dont know if its 
a problem with my mod or the game's physics engine itself. but other than that everything should be fine now.

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