Improved doors and flora

Improved Doors and Flora

Improved Doors and Flora


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Improved Doors and Flora
This mod retextures several doors, flowers, various flora, and miscelaneous items. It adds realism and credibility to the game atmosphere by replacing the vanilla oblivion door/flora textures with detailed realistic ones. Some retextures include the Rhododendrons and Catherdral doors. Now wooden doors look like they are made of wood, and flora looks like the real deal.

My review:
This was a great addition to my growing mod list. I am a plants and nature person (hence the Unique Landscapes mods) so I enjoyed the flora upgrade. The doors' wood is stunningly realistic. Mods like this make oblivion realistic. Great job.

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Download 'improved_doors_and_flora.7z' (16.64MB)

improved doors and flora v1.0

This is new hi res textures for several doors,flowers and other misc. textures.

installation :

unzip or drag to the oblivion folder. If asked to overwrite, choose "Yes".

I have included three door meshes so if you are using a parallax mod it will overwrite the parallax meshes which can cause problems with the textures.

Be sure to update your OBMM setting.The picture included shows the proper setting for the OBMM when updating.

uninstall :
go to the data/textures/architecture/castleinterior/towers and delete castletowerdoor01 & castletowerdoor01_n

go to the data/textures/architecture/cloudrulertemple and delete crtdoormainload & crtdoormainload_n

go to the data/textures/architecture/priory and delete priorydoor01,priorydoor01_n,weynondoor01 & weynondoor01_n

go to the data/textures/architecture/skingrad and delete skingraddoor01,skingraddoor01_n,skingraddoor02 & skingraddoor02_n

go to the data/textures/plants and delete florasacredlotus01,florasacredlotus01_n,florawaterhyacinth01 & florawaterhyacinth01_n

go to the data/textures/trees/leaves and delete shrubrhododendronsu

go to the data/textures/architecture/statue and delete lilypad01,lilypad02,lilypad01_n &lilypad02_n

go to the data/textures/clutter/upperclass and delete upperchest,upperchest01,upperchest_n & upperchest01_n

go to the data/textures/dungeons/misc and delete dunhay,dunhay02,dunhay_n,dunhay02_n,root01,root02,root01_n & root02_n

You can use this in your mod, or upload this where you want,just give me the credit (Mikal33)

P.S. thanks to dev_akm for his help

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